chainsaw starts then after few cuts shuts down

clynesnMarch 30, 2006

my poulon gas chainsaw will start but after about 3-5 minutes of cutting it conks out and won't start unless I let it sit for 10-15 minutes ...then still difficult to start....happened four to five times in a runs out like it is out of gas but the tank has gas.

any ideas ?

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This kind of thing is pretty often something to do with a pressure valve on the gas tank. Simply put, you run it for awhile, and it vacuums itself out of gas. New valve = new saw.

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One more simple thing.....When it stops, how tight is the chain? Can you move it by hand, with gloves?

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Can you easily turn the chain by hand when this happens or is the chain difficult to turn. Wear your gloves when doing this.

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thanks for the quick response. the chain is movable but not easily...the chain oil comes out automatically and I am not certain there is enough.

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bbriggs(z5 IA)

Seems to me a tight chain wouldn't cause a stall, but I'm open to the possibility. Explanation on that?

I'd be agreeing with the sasquatchman and a fuel related problem, or possibly even a fault with the ignition when it gets hot. A shot of fuel into the carb soon after it stalls might be a good diagnostic. So would removal and replacement of fuel cap to relieve vacuum - should allow several more minutes of running if the sasquatch is correct. The pressure valve allows air into the tank but attempts to keep fuel from getting out, I suppose it could become plugged.

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Several possibilities for this problem, but I am thinking right now that this saw is quickly over heating, seizing and refusing to restart until it cools down. Again it may not be the problem but one possibility. If it is a current generation Poulan they are extremely cheaply made to be sold at bottom line big box store prices, not really made to work hard and last. These are throw aways after a very limited time in use. There are also many other possibilities but the saw if of current generation is probably not worth the time, money and effort.

Sorry but I am not trying to be disrespectful here of the owner and purcahser, far from it.

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Reading this post made me think about my own chain saw. Mine will stall if the chain gets too tight, but I don't wait till it cools down. I just loosen the chain. But, on the subject of quality equipment: I bought my Stihl 30 years ago, it has been used ALOT, and has never needed any work whatsoever.

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You might have intermittent ignition coil. Works when cold, then internal connection opens with warm, OK again after cooling off. Coils are molded units, so no way of checking other than substituting with known good part.

Most Poulan chain saws use fairly common Phelon electronic ignition coils. Should cost about $25.

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It is possible that the ignition is at fault, but doubtful.
It is most likely fuel/air related. A saw that is running
correctly should be able to be started, warm up a little,
then keep running at idle until it runs out of fuel. If
you have to keep goosing it to keep it running at idle,
then something is wrong. Post your saw's model number
so we know which one you have, as each model has it's own
One common quirk on many models, is the screws loosening on the intake block to the engine. Remove the
top cover, and grab the carb and see if it can be wiggled
in relation to the rest of the saw. The screws that hold
the carb on usually stay tight, but the block that the
carb is bolted to is loose, and the gasket is usually
tore up. Just something to check for.
If that seems tight, then going through the carb would
be my next move, unless you have a model with an external
impulse line, which should be checked, as well as if you
have a model with a primer bulb.
But otherwise I would look inside the carb.


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I have a Poulan Chainsaw rebadged as a McCullock here in Australia.

I had numerous problems with it all fuel related.
Really it was a matter of tuning the carby but Electrolux refused to sell me the tool to do so, so I made my own and then found they were available as an aftermarket item.

One of the biggest problems was that I would use it for a few minutes and then go to idle and it would stall and refuse to start till it cooled down.

The problem was it was running to lean and over heating. Once I adjusted the carby it was fine.

Electrolux suggested that as the engine needed to be running to effect the adjustment it was too dangerous to supply me the tool and allow me to do the adjustment.
I took this as an insult as I had been doing just that for forty years. They said take it to a dealer and he would do a tune up free of charge. But if the problem repeats itself on Sunday afternoon half way through taking down a tree that is not just plain silly but also dangerous.

Look up "McCullock chainsaw tool" for the postings and you will find instructions in making the tool and a source where you can buy one.

Next time buy a Stihl I know I will be.


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Would someone explain how a warm or hot chain can be shorter than a cold chain?

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Almost everyhing (certainly metals) expands with heat. The expansion makes the chain longer. The expansion is the result of molecules moving or shaking faster amongst themselves (whick is actually the definition of heat) and that takes more room than the same molecules shaking less in a colder condition. Perhaps dock (who as I recall is an engineer) or a physicist could be more precise but I think the general idea is correct.
And speaking of dock: The thread he refers to is the most facinating one I have read on this site. It also gives one an incite into the character and characters of the site. Give it a try

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turnage(z7a TX)

Had a similiar problem with a Poulan 2450 several years ago. Turned out to be a plugged up muffler. The screen inside got plugged with carbon.

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Good point from mla2ofus. The bar also gets hot and expands. The chain and bar might expand at different rates and sizes.

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Today I experienced a similar problem with my Husqvarna 345. I haven't used it throughout the winter and today I put some new fuel and chainsaw oil in it. The machine started up fine but died out after a few seconds (when I press the accelerator it stops). Does this sound like a fuel problem?

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josephtm(CHN India)

Sounds like a partially blocked pickup body in the fuel tank.
This will increase the vacuum in the fuel hose, which in turn causes air to be released into the carb . End result? Vapor lock.
Change the pickup body.

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I am having the same problem with my husky 350. Saw runs for a few seconds then stalls. I already checked the fuel filter and gave it fresh fuel. Giving it throttle only chokes it out. Could it be a bad fuel pump diaphram?

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One more thing ... I also removed the fuel filter and tried rinning it without the filter. Also didn't fix the problem.

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IMO you have to deterimine if it's fuel or ign problem. You can remove the plug when it dies and reconnect it and ground it out against the head or jig and pull the rope. you should see a pretty blue spark??? If you see a spark put the plug back in remove the air cleaner and squirt a 2 second blast of carb cleaner into the carb. opening. It should fire immediately off the carb. cleaner. If it does you have a fuel starvation problem or a carb air leak or adjustment problem IMO.

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Yeah. Probably a fuel starvation or air leak. The thing I can't figure out is what caused it. The saw is like new and ran perfect last time I used it.

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i have a stihl 290 model. it has the above described problem. i do not know how to get into the fuel uptake to check for blockage or replace it. i had the fuel line replaced last season. i had the carb kit routine done last season as well. i also dont know how to check the vent int he gas tank. it sounds simple enough but so far i havent found anything. thanks

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Hi Folks,

I'm having a similar problem with a Poulan model PP4218AVHD. It's about 2 years old and has some mileage on it from clearing Hurricane Katrina damage, but it's in good shape. It starts like a champ and runs fine for 20 minutes or so of tree cutting. When it dies, it will NOT restart until it's fully cooled down. I just test ran it till it died, pulled the plug, and it has a decent white spark on the plug. Is this indicative of a good coil or should there be a strong blue spark? Also, the plug is dry. Does this indicate a fuel issue? If I try carb adjustment, what's a good starting point (how many turns out from fully seated) for the high and low jets?



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I would mark where the screws are now and count the turns in say 1 3/4" to seat lightly. I think most saws start out at 1 trun to 1 1/2 turns from seated. But, it's alway good to know where the carb. was adjusted just in case turning the Hi and Low screws does nothing. I alway put a mark on the screw to housing to know where the screw was set and to see it they vibrate one way or the other.

Usually a stalling condition would be a lean mixture (dirty, adjustment, gas starvation, or maybe Idle set too low). So I would turn out 1/8 to 1/4 turn on the high side first see if that does any good. Another problem is prolong storage the little passages get gummed up. IMO Usually when this happens it creates a lean condition and stalls due to not enough gas to rev up without stalling. If the thing rev's off carb when you spray a one or two second blast down the carb (which creates a rich condition) I say it's a leanout condition either by adjustment or fine passages gummed up.

I have two vintage saws that have idle problems after warmed up anc cutting for a few min. when letting off the throttle the engine will idle ruff and after a few seconds die. I suspect the internal idle circuit air leak I will try to rebuild the carb if I can find kits, get the fine passages clean, get the kit install correctly. This also creates a hard starting condition. so if anybody can help with hot idling problem I would appreicate it.

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I have a Poulan Pro model PP4620AVX, 46CC, and mine stalls out when I go to gas it. I worked fine first year, now it has the same problem as others.

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