Rudbeckia 'Viette's Little Suzy' 14-30'

summerstar(Z7VA)April 19, 2012

I've been looking for a smaller Black-eyed Susan with better habits than 'Goldsturm' and by Jove, I think I've found it! I ran a search and found Rudbeckia Viette's Little Suzy'. It grows 14 to 30" tall and has smaller leaves that won't soak up so much summer sun and wilt so easily as Goldsturm did in my garden.

The hybridizer is a local nurseryman by the name of Mark Viette so I visited his farm and talked to his staff. They told me he noticed the plant in their fields and watched its progress for six years to be sure it would retain the short quality and compactness. I purchased five and will let you know how well it grows.

You can run a search under the 'Viette's Little Suzy" name for more information. There were a number of nurseries who carry it.

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OH! THAT'S FUNNY!! I used the wrong symbol for inches in the subject line above. AARGH! NO, Little Suzy ISN'T 14 to 30 feet tall, but 14 to 30 inches tall! It seems we can't edit our posts once they're "submitted".

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No, but the next poster can correct the subject so the poster who comes after may see the (") instead of the (') in the OP. Since I'm familiar with Rudbeckia, I automatically read inches rather than feet.

I'm interested in the variety of Rudbeckia you featured but would really prefer one that doesn't grow taller than 2'/24" since that's what works best in most of my beds. I grew Cappuccino, Indian Summer, Cherokee Sunset and a few others from seed via winter sowing last year and hope they bloom this year so I can pick the one I like best. 'Autumn Colors' was gorgeous and produced huge, colorful, long-lasting flowers the past couple years but it didn't come back this year. I'm guessing I lost a lot due to the catastrophic snowstorm that pounded us in October 2011.

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I planted a single specimen last summer and it did well, topping out under two feet and flowering at least as long as "Goldsturm".

I planted seed and have a number of seedlings, which I'll evaluate to see if they maintain the compact habit.

I remember Viette's as a very nice nursery to visit, in a scenic part of Virginia.

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There was a thread with a similar inquiry last fall.

Based upon that discussion I am going to plant several of Little Goldstar this spring/summer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Alternative to GOLDSTURM

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HEY ERIC_OH, was the seed package labeled 'Viette's Little Suzy'? Just curious. I'm glad to hear that your plants didn't get over 24 inches. That height would be just about perfect because I have the Salvia 'May Night' in back of my new 'Suzys'. I'm being very enthusiastic about this plant, so I sure hope I'm not disappointed. Say, how big were the flowers on your Little Suzy's?? I'd imagine they're smaller since the plant is smaller. I'll let Mark Viette know how well his 'Little Suzys' are doing for you.

And ROUGE21, thanks for the info on 'Little Goldstar'. I'm wondering if it's the same height as 'Little Suzy". In my search for an alternate to Goldstrum, 'Little Goldstar' was one variety I wrote down to check on. I just happened to find 'Viette's Little Suzy' locally so never searched for your plant. Nice of you to leave the link to Goldstrum alternatives.

Happy Gardening,

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