bmxn5620 new blue max electric 7 ton log splitter

burngogiMarch 4, 2013

i bought one of these after using a lever operated splitter for years.the hand on pusher never went close to the wedge so when the electric one didn't i didn't know there was anything wrong.when a friend showed me his 2 gas operated ones i found out my ram shuld go to wedge it doesn't it stops 7 inches short of the wedge. the company that sold it to me CPO OUTLET won't replace it and wants me to drive 6 hours round trip to get it fixed.i am handy to fix it myself but i have no idea what to change to fix it.any help would be appreciated

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1. Have you checked to know you have enough hydraulic oil in the reservoir?

2. Are others getting the full travel and the MFG admit yours should also?

3. If they will not tell you the needed adjustment or fix, is it because of liability?

4. Please post pics or links of side and top views that might show adjustments for the wedge etc.

5. I agree that it needs to pusher closer to the wedge on matted wood as pecan in my case.

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