My Cub Cadet is a Lemon!

virginia_parsonsJanuary 7, 2007

Here's a letter I recently sent to Home Depot and other interested parties regarding my Cub Cadet Garden Tractor (one of the worst purchases I have ever made):

December 30, 2006

Mr. Frank Blake

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

The Home Depot, Inc.

2455 Paces Ferry Road

Atlanta, GA 30309-4024

Dear Mr. Blake:

On or about May 13, 2006 I purchased a Cub Cadet Garden Tractor (Series 1500 Hydrostatic Garden Tractor Model GT1554 with a 27HP Kohler Engine) from The Home Depot store in Kahului, Maui, Hawaii. I had originally been considering a John Deere model, however, my decision to purchase the Cub Cadet was based on the recommendations and assurances of The Home Depot sales associate assisting me.

Your sales associate explained that the Cub Cadet garden tractor was superior in every way to a comparable John Deere unit. He assured me that if I did encounter any problems, the unit would be repaired onsite, even though my home was located over fifty miles away, in the town of Hana, Hawaii. He then explained that Home Depot was conducting a special promotion between Mothers and FatherÂs Day and that there would be no interest or payments for twelve months. I had him call my husband and reiterate all of this in a telephone conversation before I made the purchase.

Unfortunately, not one of the statements has proven to be true.

The operation of the Cub Cadet has been a nightmare. Before we could even use it, one of the front tires became flat. I pumped air into the tire and searched, to no avail, for a leak. A friend of ours was in town and we asked him to go by The Home Depot and talk to them about the tire. The associate he spoke with said that was not unusual for those tires to go flat and said that we could try a can of "leak stop" or put an inner tube in the tire. When asked if we could purchase a new tire, the associate said they didnÂt keep anything like that in stock and we would have to order it direct from Cub Cadet.

Within sixty days an even worse problem occurred. While mowing, one of the outside cutting blades (there are three blades on the cutting deck) dropped off of the deck. We searched and searched and finally found the nut. After removing the mowing deck to reinstall the dropped blade, we noticed that the middle blade was loose. A further inspection showed that the "star" prongs on the spindle shaft were completely stripped, so that the blade could not be fully locked or tightened to the shaft. My husband called a friend in the lawnmower repair business and he said it was apparent that the blades had not been properly tightened before the unit was delivered to us. We then contacted The Home Depot store about a replacement shaft and were told we would have to contact Cub Cadet directly. My husband went to the Cub Cadet online website and found the needed part. When he tried to order it directly from Cub Cadet, a page came up stating that Cub Cadet did not make online parts sales to Hawaii residents. As a result, we have had to mow our lawn with no middle blade, a process that takes twice as long as it should. Furthermore, about a month ago the unit began to shoot flames from its exhaust and stopped operating altogether. Now it wonÂt even turn over when we try to start it.

Doug Williams, one of The Home Depot managers suggested I call Allied Machinery in Kahului, as they repaired lawn equipment for The Home Depot. I called and left messages, but never received a return call from Allied. I called Mr. Williams again and he gave me a number for Cub Cadet, which I called. A Cub Cadet representative suggested that I call Lear-Maui in Kihei, Hawaii for repair assistance. My husband spoke with a person at Lear-Maui about our problems with the unit and was told that the problems were not warranty-related, that they would not repair anything onsite, and that "The Home Depot tells people anything to make the sale and they have the worst service and warranties in the business." We asked him if he could order the spindle shaft and he stated that it would take weeks to get the part because Cub Cadet was notoriously slow to send out parts and difficult to work with.

I called Mr. Williams again and he had an associate place a call to Allied. I was told that Allied would repair the unit, but I would have to deliver it to their location in Kahului. This, unfortunately, is contrary to what the sales associate originally stated to my husband and me.

Adding insult to injury, in November, I received my monthly bill from The Home Depot with interest posted and a payment due on the Cub Cadet purchase. Apparently, the twelve-months no interest/no payment deal had been entered as six-months no interest/no payment. In a call to The Home Depot Customer Service, I was assured that this would be corrected, however, the December bill shows finance charges of $333.47 and a minimum payment due of $206.00. This is a classic example of "bait and switch" as well as false advertising.

Notwithstanding the credit fiasco, it is apparent at this point that the Cub Cadet unit I was sold is a "lemon." Therefore, I would like to return the garden tractor and the attachments I purchased for a full refund on my Home Depot Credit Card of $3,967.93 with no assessed interest or payments due. I will then consider the purchase of a comparable unit. I would also like to emphasize that Mr. Williams has been the most helpful and considerate Home Depot employee I have spoken with during this entire dilemma. While he hasnÂt been able to correct the problem, he has worked with me in trying to offer some kind of satisfaction.

Over the years, the companies I own, as well as I, personally, have spent thousands of dollars at The Home Depot stores in Hawaii. In the past, when there was a problem, I returned the merchandise and was given a refund or credit with no questions asked. I am hoping that policy is still in effect.


Virginia Parsons


Aaron Gomez, Store Manager

The Home Depot

100 Pakaula Street

Kahului, HI 96732

State of Hawaii, Office of Consumer Protection

Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs

235 South Beretania Street, Room 801

Honolulu, HI 96813-2419

Herbert V. Kohler, Jr., Chairman, CEO and President

Kohler Company

444 Highland Drive

Kohler, WI 53044

Curtis E. Moll, Chairman and CEO

MTD Products, Inc

5965 Grafton Rd.

Valley City, OH 44280

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Hopefully that gets someone's attention and the situation is "made right" for you.

Remember the old adage "never trust anyone over 30?" Well, at Home Depot, it should be "never trust anyone under 50." If I get advice from someone at Home Depot, it's from the retired tradesmen that work there for spending money. Everyone else, as far as I'm concerned, is little more than a stockboy.

And yeah, the salesman who said the Cub was better than the Deere was obviously talking out his butt, or they had to move the Cubs for some reason.

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butchs_hobby(s texas)

Looks like a lot a good reasons to buy from a dealer, one with a good service dept and good parts dept. Brand isn't always as important as the dealer backing it up.

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its not uncommon for a big box store employee to tell you whatever you want to hear for one of 2 reasons: to make the sale due to quoata or commission or because the dont know any better and shouldnt be selling.

case in point: over the summer i was shopping around for a plow for my jd l100 (which i purchased from a dealer). checking home depot's prices on the plow were the same as the dealer, but with home depot i could put it on my credit account there. talked to the salesman, he said yup no problem he could get this for me, would take about a week to get it in the store, and they could assemble it if i wanted them to. i told the guy i would call in a few days once i decided that was the place i was going to get it from.

called 2 days later and that particulr salesman wasnt there so i talked to another guy who said home depot did not have a contract with deere anymore and hadnt for over 6 months and they still carried a few select models of lt's and gt's in the store, that was it. they could not order parts or anything anymore.

ended up going right to the dealer. they dont lie to me!

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Home Depot has not been very customer friendly in my experience, although I have not gone through the consumer he** that you are. I hope they will remedy the situation to your satisfaction. Stating the obvious, you'll want to make sure your next purchase has service and parts available in your location, and via internet.

In spite of your experience with the Cub, you *are* cutting grass in Hana, Maui. There are certain 'compensating factors' that should offset your experience with poorly performing equipment. In fact, with the right offer, I'll come to Hana and repair your Cub, and cut your grass for you ;~).

BTW, is that Road to Hana still the 'interesting' driving experience it once was?


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machiem(Z8 WA)

I don't think we'll ever hear from her again, but I could be wrong.

There is too little information for me to determine who is at fault.

A lot can happen in 8 months...

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Listing the 3 problems:

Flat tire - just needs new tire

Blades fell off - spindle damage - obviously the guy doing set-up forgot to tighten the blades.

Flames out of the exhaust - float bowl not sealing? Not sure on that one.

When I look at the problems, my first thought is this might be a tractor that sat, probably outside, for quite a while before it sold. Of course just a guess on my part. Virginia I think your problem may end up being the time frame and the fact you continued to mow with the tractor without a middle blade installed. They may say they are sorry for your problems but you needed to stop using it and write the letter in June, not 6 months later in December.

Whatever happens, good luck with it, I hope you get your problems fixed or tractor replaced.

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I sorry, but you just have to go over you new equipment regardless who does the prep. Even more so from volume seller's. The problem is when the customer can't or just don't understand mechanic's. Grant it the new owner shouldn't have to, but there are basic things you need to know. Here is a short list of basic's IMO. I sure some can think of more.

1. You got to check the oil
2. You got to look the machine over for loose hardware, (loose subjective, don't know buy a torque wrench) At the top of the list is blade retaining nuts or bolts.
3. Read the manual and get familar with the controls and operation of your machine, (maybe this should be #1, but most don't read the manual so I figure checking the oil is more important).
4. Go over anything you don't understand in the manual at the place you brought the machine from or with a mechincial friend.
5. Listen for any unusual noises, ( after about 5 hours on the thing you should be able to tell what is unusual?).
6. Check the oil and gas before you get on the machine prior to another useage. (the engine is the most expensive part on the LT, protect you investment) service the LT when it's cold on level ground).
7. Don't believe in checking the oil, then at least check the oil when you put gas in it, hopefully you've oil changes are enough to keep enough oil in the LT long enough to burn a tank of gas.

There are certain things a manufacture expects you to do,(this is explained in the owner manual). Machinery vibrate's things work loose especially if not tighten enough, Tires gets hole poked in them, even small twig/thorn will punchure them, owner is expected to repair or have repaired, Some engines backfire if not shut down properly, go over your shut down procedures.

Now here's what I would do (HD probably not going to do nothing) if it was my tractor. Put the blades back on and tighten the SH$$ out of the retaining nuts or bolts. If there is any star left it will hold if it's tight enough. Put tire seal in the tire or a tube, if can't put a tube in it take it to a tire shop (eventually all the tires will go flat anyway so the sooner you put tubes or sealer in the better). Spray some carb. cleaner in the carb. and clean the plugs and go over shut down procedures. check the oil, it's probably low. And last but probably not least GO OVER every nut, bolt, screw, and grasshopper clip on the LT.

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HD's retiring CEO just got paid $210 million in severance pay.

Yet, they cannot honor a basic warrantly for working folks.

That is what is wrong with this country.

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castoff(Z5 Ontario)

With all due respect to rcmoser, I must disagree to some of the things he has said.

When I buy a brand new car, truck or garden tractor, I expect that the manufacturer has done his job in engineering it and assembling it. I expect that the quality control department has done their job prior to the unit leaving the factory floor.

I also expect that the dealer has done his job in carrying out the pre-delivery inspection. The dealer is the final link between the manufacturer and the customer.

As a customer who has just paid the asking price for this car, truck or garden tractor, I should not be expected to own tools or to have mechanical expertise. To me, that is absurd. I bought and paid for a unit that is ready to go to work for me.....immediately and without problems. Factually speaking, the law supports my position.

If an item fails to perform as advertised, I am entitled to have it either repaired, replaced or my money refunded.

As noted by rcmoser, my part is to read the owner/operator's manual and familiarize myself with all aspects of the safe operation of the vehicle.

I am not obligated to service this vehicle myself. I can take it into any authorized service center to have that work done.

What does it say about Cub Cadet and MTD when a dealer tells the customer that tires going flat are the norm and the customer should go buy a tube and put it in so that they can cut their grass? What does it say about a big box chain that handles after-sale service in such a shoddy manner? There is plenty of blame to go around here.

Mower blades falling off any machine is totally inexcusable and highly dangerous. Someone nearby could have been badly injured. This problem lies totally with MTD's crappy quality control. The dealer isn't the one who installs the blades.

If I were the OP, I would have taken this piece of junk right back to Joke Depot and demanded a full refund. Most of the stores I have dealt with would have complied with that request. I don't doubt the story told by the OP but nonetheless I am completely surprised by it. No way should this situation have ever escalated to the point it has. I am baffled that this store manager has not stepped up and remedied this problem.

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No problem, your statements, opinions, and expectations of a dealer or manufacture are high and it should work like that. But, a lot of the times it don't. I sorry I just don't have that opinion of sales/manufacturing processes. In a nutshell; I DON'T TRUST NO ONE! when it come to my equipment. Why, I have been burnt in the pass and know when somebody blowing smoke up my #g%. Now, I check everything, and on several occasions find major mistakes (another 6 para. to elaborate on.)

Most people don't keep cars, trucks, Lt's long enough to have major problems and are really playing the lottery having someone else service them and NOT following up on there work. Don't believe me? Check you fluid levels after having you car/equipment serviced, there a chance it will be over or under serviced. To me there's excuse for that.

I not making excuses for anyone, all I'm saying is there are certain things you should to check and should know when operating equipment. If you don't know odds are crap will happen. The statement that tires leak is absurd, heck it could of got small puncture being delivered, but if you don't have a clue you believe the statement of sales rep.

You can demand, stomp, holler, jump up and down, and throw a tizzy, and may get arrested, but, bottom line is they got your money and the law on there side if you can't prove a case, which usually requires a lawyer and more money that the equipment cost. I agree they should make it right. Hopefully they will, even if it's remotely there fault.

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Home Depot is not at fault in my opinion. Home Depot sells the machine and it is mostly assembled when they get it. Home Depot is not a warranty repair center.
1)As far as the financing deal goes. ..Read what you sign. I never trust my credit to a sales associate without reading the document.
2)A flat tire.. Big deal. The Home Depot sales person is correct in stating that it is common for the tires to go flat. It happens all the time to the units sitting out there in front of the store (from non use) and he has to air them up. Perhaps Home Depot put defective air in it?? Good grief. Just fix it yourself or take it to the "Authorized Service Center." How hard is that??
3)"Two months later the blades fell off." I wonder what hell those blades went through in those 2 months? They shouldn't have come off but did anyone sharpen them or even check them in that amount of time?? I doubt it. When the blades came off they should have taken it to a warranty repair center. (not Home Depot)
4) This customer did not read the paper work. It's all there in black and white. I have known better than to trust any sales associate on details since I was old enough to buy anything. That's just common sense. People who trust sales associates are just putting themselves at risk. In today's world a person has to research every purchase and quite frankly sales associates are not needed. Dealer's are usually just as bad. There are a few dealers out there that take care of customers but they are few and far between.
5) The Home Depot CEO that got booted with a huge multi- million dollar severence package...That is just wrong. It makes me angry that they can do that. I'll call him a MORON for it. There I feel better now.

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rcmoser: I'd like to comment on a couple of your statements.

"Most people don't keep cars, trucks, Lt's long enough to have major problems and are really playing the lottery having someone else service them and NOT following up on there work. Don't believe me?"

If you check current government statistics you will see thatthe average american keeps his vehicle for about nine years. Plenty of time to experience major problems. As for "playing the lottery by having some else service your vehicle" this indicates to me that you must be an ASE certified mechanic with thousands of dollars of scan tools or your driving pre computer cars from "the Happy Days" period. I recently traded in a 20 year old pickup truck for a new one. That original truck had a simple computer that i could read and it was carburated so I could change it when it needed it. The new truck is so complicated i wouldn't know where to begin. If my mechanic had to change a fuel injector in the future do you expect me to pull it out to see if he did it right? When I took ownership of this vehicle I checked the air pressure in the tires . Checked the fluid levels and drove it to listen for telltale noises.
The rest is covered by the warranty. On my new GT I did the same as well as tightening nuts and bolts. One of the tires was losing air slowly. I took it over to my buddy's body shop and it turned out the rim was out of round(a fact he said is common on auto rims these days). I took the rim back to the dealer and got another one. Yes tires go flat and any retailer or dealer should rectify the problem. We buy expensive cars and tractors today and we have a right( and a warranty) to get it made right. If we have violated the warrenty we are out of luck!

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i think the bottom line is that products come with warrentys for a reason. the average person should NOT be expected to just "suck it up and fix it"... it should be the responsibility of the manufacturer and or seller. if you have a piece of paper saying "this unit is covered by XXXXX warrenty" than it should be fixed! shame on any business that wont help out a customer. my opinion is when i experience something like that and the store manager or whoever isnt willing to help at all, i am done what that store and will take my business elsewhere.

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mowerman42(z6 CT.)

When I bought my JD G110 at the Home Depot this past FEB. 2006 I got a card from them when I put it on my credit card that stated that I had 30 days to return the tractor if I was not happy with my purchase. I asked about the one year interest free and was told that one year deal was over and only could get the six month deal.

I would have taken it back even if I had to rent a trailer or one of their trucks, been less then what you stuck with paying now. And you telling them you used the mower with only two blades was the dumbest things I`ve ever heard of. Bad mouthing HD will get you nowhere, your just as much to blame for letting it go on for so long. It`s to bad you weren`t smart enough to return the CUB. I dought you`ll even read these reply`s to your post, if you do I`d be surprised.

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stolly23(Zone 6)

I am on both sides here. I don't expect sales people at chain stores to know what they are talking about. I always do research first and usually end up knowing more when I get to the store. I do expect good after service and I expect that my purchase works properly. Why buy something if it is not going to do as expected or hold up. If it does not work properly, the warrenty should be an easy process to take care. As an owner of machinery, you should know the basics to look over and care of, but it is impossible for everyone to know everything about tractors, cars, etc. I just bought a JD x320 in June and did my first oil change on anything ever. I try to keep up on checking my fluids, air, parts, etc, but sometimes just don't have the time or know a bouts. I feel that that is what mechanics and dealers are for. I get all of the services done through them and expect that it is done properly. If I find they don't do it properly, than I go to a new place. Remeber, they are educated to do the work on your tractor. Again, if you go to a place like jiffy lube, a chain, then you might not be getting the service expected. I also agree that as soon as things went wrong you should have had them checked immediatly. Waiting is always bad, being persistent is good.
Just my input. Good luck,
PS you know that it is a good place if they take it back now. I bought a pair of Nike Shox at Dicks in June, they came apart in December, I returned them in January. No questions asked, now that is service that i love, and didn't expect.

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Well Cubs ARE yellow ;-) Just kidding...

I should not have to go over "everything" when I get a new tractor/car/etc. I do agree that you should check all maintainable items. Blades/belts/plugs/fluids are part of it.

When I received my new GX345 in 2004, I went through it while reading manual. I found the hydro fluid low (not much but low)! Right from the dealer. It's always worth checking things! I know you shouldn't HAVE to, but just do it.

Maintenance "always" starts when the unit is delivered.


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mowerman42(z6 CT.)

I wonder how many other forums she has posted on I know of two still with no replies from her.....

I remember a while back there was a post about a guy with a problem with a blown motor in his JD L series that he bought from the Home Depot, maybe she could learn something from that posting. They gave him a new lawn tractor in the end. I think it was a L118, any one remember that one.

To bad this forum doesn`t have a archive...

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Other then the blade problem I can see no reason for you to knock Cub Cadet.I did not realise they used those cheap star blades on any of there equipment?But I guess they do on the MTD bargain look a like models?

They do not make there tires even if they do have the Cub Cadet logo.They do not make there own engines.Home Cheapo financed it not Cub Cadet Corp.

What did you expect from a dime store a real Cub Cadet?Those yellow and White beuties setting on there floor are factory seconds and look how much you saved by beating aCub dealer out of the sale.

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OK let me clarify some of my opinions. I didn't mean for anybody to do anything to void any warranty (checking the reliability doesn't void warranties IMO). Servicing (fluids and filter) vs troubleshooting and repair are two different services IMO. All I'm say is you need to look over the repairs or services you paid for. And IMO even though you shouldn't have to you need to look over a brand new machine before you jump on and ride off. JD's are not completely out of the woods. I heard some horror stories a few times here also over the last few years.

This is me and my opinions and what I do, byomeans you certainly don't have to take this as the 11 commandment. There is nothing we can do about what has already happened, but if information prevents problems in the future, the forum has done it's job. IMO in this case there going to say: hole in a tire is not covered, running you LT with loose blades is not covered, improper shutting down the LT and causing backfires is not covered, Now this is just my opinion on how I read the facts for statements.

" When I took ownership of this vehicle I checked the air pressure in the tires . Checked the fluid levels and drove it to listen for telltale noises".

This exactly what I mean. Just some of us take it to the extreme. As far as the injector comment: you would of started the car right and you would check if it ran on all cylinders. So, see you did follow-up on the repair.

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ctpuritan- I do most of my own work on all the family cars in the driveway- this includes a '73 VW, and '03 VW, and an '06 Honda. And that '73 has a crude- by today's standards- electronic fuel injection system governed by a computer. There are few things I can't fix on any of them, and I'm not a mechanic by trade. If you have an OBD-II scantool (as cheap as $80), a good multimeter, and a test light, there is little of the electronics you can't fix or at least diagnose. Oh, and one other major thing you need- the factory repair manual (not the Haynes or Chilton manual). This will go through very detailed diagnostics for everything, and will tell you how to diagnose electronic components properly, so you aren't throwing parts at a problem.

It's also helpful to find forums for specialists in the model car you have- much like this forum for the lawn and garden tractor crowd.

So, I'm not intimidated by newer cars- it's a different skill set is all.

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butchs_hobby(s texas)

You sure as heck don't buy a scan tool for $80, a code reader yes, but not a good scan tool. It costs me $850 a year for the upgrades and new coverage on my scan tool. Remoser is right that an owner needs to do some common sense checks before using something new. A power mower of any type is a dangerous piece of equipment and I darn sure want to make sure the blades won't come flying off when I go to use it!

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Butch- perhaps I used the wrong term. An OBD-II code reader can be had for cheap. For a lot of things, this is sufficient. If you want to delve further into actual sensor outputs, something a little pricier would be in order. They do have options for the home enthusiast that can be used with a PC.

I have a scan tool for my VW that I plug into a laptop that was around $250. It does everything the dealership scan tool can do, and I can also use it for OBD-II functions on other vehicles that use the ISO-9141 protocol.

A professional tool like yours is indeed a pricier thing- but if you're making your living off of it, it makes sense.

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castoff(Z5 Ontario)

Posted by mowerman42 z6 CT. (My Page) on Tue, Jan 9, 07 at 15:11

I wonder how many other forums she has posted on I know of two still with no replies from her.....

I guess my radar must have been turned off. After reading your post, I clicked on the OP's name and found that she posted this thread the very day she became a member here.

This kind of behaviour is not unusual. People get annoyed over what happened with a recent purchase and then try to get even by spewing their side of the story on every forum on the net. Presumably, they are either trying to blackmail the other parties or bring them financial harm. Had I checked her history here first, I wouldn't have bothered to post. Sigh......

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Constantinobia: You went from an $80.00 code reader to a $250.00 dollar scan tool for one of your VW's and a laptop to plug it into. Were starting to get a bit pricey. Have you gone on line recently to see what real scan tools cost. Have you priced a set of factory manuals today. What did the manuals for your 2006 honda cost you? Maybe your the guy that can fix everthing with a paperclip and bubble gum most of us are not. Let me see if I have this right. I should go out and spend a bundle on factory manuals for the 4 vehicles sitting in my yard. Spend another bundle on a halfway decent scan tool. I better buy a lap top so I don't have to keep running into the house to check everything on my land based computer. Then there is the learning curve. i suppose I'll make a few mistakes on my expensive vehicles while I'm learning. I'll probably sign up for ALLDATA, like my mechanic does so I can keep current on my vehicles. My mechanics biggest complaint is people who mess around and attempt to fix their cars and then he has to clean up their mess. I'll bet that happens with tractor mechanics to. you are a better mechanic than I am. I'll stick to what i know. Years ago I refurbished a few single cylinder Briggs engines would i do it on my twin cylinder kohler-probably not.

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ctpuritan- Indeed, what works for me may not work for you. I'm just saying this stuff isn't as intimidating as it seems. I actually find it easier to work on the newer cars than the older ones- like the time I had to diagnose a bad set of points on the '73 that tested out fine, but changing them fixed the problem. My newer cars tell me just what ails them.

Factory service manuals for each of my cars: Average of $75-$85. Every car I've owned since 1998 has had one of these. About the cost of 4 oil changes. It's also good for looking up what's involved in a particular job, so I can use my judgement on whether I want to get involved or not.

Code scanner: about $80. A mechanic will charge you this much just to scan your codes, unless they're a really, really nice guy. Now, I bought my $250 scan tool for $100 used, and I use this on an old beater of a laptop made in 1997 that I pulled from the trash. Is this excessive? Sure. But pulling codes for a friend in exchange for a 6 pack of brew is worth it. I've even pulled over and run a diagnostic scan for fellow VW owners stranded on the road.

Frankly, I cringe when I have to leave a car at a shop. I worked in auto parts many years ago, and sold primarily to mechanics. Lets just say that I know too much. You find an honest mechanic, keep him- he's worth his weight in gold. Me, I haven't yet found a mechanic I honestly trust with my cars.

And yes, I am MacGuyver Jr. :)

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colt357_2004(z7 Texas)

I read the original post, and began to read the follow ups, and was amazed how many people placed blame on the purchaser!
I didn't pick up my brand new truck and expect to have to do prep on it. If I buy a 3k ride on grass cutter, I expect it delivered "turn key". You contractors will understand that term.
If everything in the post is true, frankly, she's too nice!
Unfortunatly, the squeakin wheel does get the grease. It shouldn't be that way, but it is. I deal with contractors all day, not preachers or homeowners.
If a piece of equipment I sell one of my contractors, fails on startup, I don't tell them to call the manufacturer, or the sales rep. I didn't build it, true, but I sold it to him. So rather than lose a good customer, I replace it, and do battle with the factory, or rep, later.
All that said, this whole story goes against what I have heard about HD. I have heard they took back tractors that were used for a whole season, with the only reason being...I didn't like it.
The truth must lie between.

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It's not a bad idea to check over a new mechanical gadget thoroughly if you have the means or can have someone else do it.

Vehicles, LT's and other stuff are put together by people, and people make mistakes, forget stuff, and get interrupted during tasks. Some might even be hungover or in a lot of stress. Some are just lazy and don't care.

I bought a new Jeep CJ7 in 1977 and drove it somewhere around 12,000 miles. Roads, woods, mud, sandy whoop-de-doos, and all kind of terrain.

Went to change the air filter...guess what...none there!

Their fault, sure. Their responsiblity to fix the motor if it had gone bad, my mind. Could I prove they left it out and they'd fix it, I doubt it. Fortunately it never developed into a problem and I put 120,000 on it before selling it.

Check your stuff, within reason. I wouldn't fire my new mower up without checking the way.

If you can't do it, buy from a reputable dealer who can... and will.

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colt357_2004(z7 Texas)

Jamie you have a good point, as do the others that state you should always check your equipment before operating it.
I re read the original post and she didn't say if they delivered it, or put it in her truck or on a trailer and away she went.
I had asked my boss if I could use one of the company trailers to pick up my new mower. He said no problem, then recommended, letting them deliver it. They do set up, add the oil, check the unit over etc. At least some places do.
That way he explained, I would have recourse, should something be wrong with it, out of the box, per se.
Bottom line is, the "Deal" should be in writing. The part about who fixes it, and where, as well as the no interest for 12 months etc.
I wonder where her husband was? Maybe his back is bad like mine, or he was just busy, but I wouldn't let my wife go make a major purchase like a lawn tractor, without me.
A woman should be able to get the same deal and service as a man,but unfortunatly, that does not always happen.
I always begin a situation like this being nice. I have found that to work more often than not. Sometimes I even convince the mgr or service tech, that it was his idea to make me happy.
That didn't work at my Dodge dealer, but that's a subject for another forum.

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Another satisfied customer of Home Cheapo and yet another reason to buy from a reputable dealer . But the question no one seems to asking is why someone who 'owns' companies would have to buy a tractor on credit from a discount big box store ? HD started out by paying knowledgeable people a decent wage , but now hire dumb teenagers on the cheap who are lucky if they know where the lawn equipment is in the store , let alone how to assemble it . Better to negotiate a price from a dealer , who also offers payment plans with interest free terms . Especially on a garden tractor costing over 3K !

    Bookmark   January 14, 2007 at 5:14AM
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A little food for thought on this thread.

None of us are experts in everything - though some may believe they are.

Some of us are jacks of all trades and have real knowledge in a wide variety of areas. Most of us don't.

Bottom line, if you do not have the knowledge of something, go to those who do!

For the most part, the big box stores do not have the knowledgable people selling lawn tractors. Go to a reputable dealer, discuss your needs and listen to their recommendations.

Enjoy the journey.

eal51 in western CT

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Why do people assume that because you "own" a company you must be flush with cash??

Home Depot+Cub Cadet=Bad Experience

    Bookmark   January 14, 2007 at 7:36AM
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Actually she claimed to own 'companies' - more than one . And that sounded like total BS to me because a few grand for a GT is hardly being loaded with cash for someone who owns companies . Unless they're all going bankrupt at the same time ! Maybe her plan all along was to use the GT all season long , claim it is a complete lemon then demand a total refund . A friend who used to work at Sears says people do that every year , hence the discounted used machines at Sears after mowing season . Since she won't respond to her own thread we'll never know .

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butchs_hobby(s texas)

Something did kinda smell fishy about her post when I reread it. I own a small auto repair shop, plan to buy a new tractor(2305Jd or 2310MF) and I'll pay cash for it. I hear horror stories every day of people getting charged ridiculous prices for auto trans work and I wonder how the guy running that shop can sleep at night. I found out long-long ago that the best policy is to charge fair prices, do good work, and above all--be honest with people. My shop stays busy when others around me are complaining about no work, I just grin because I know the reason!

    Bookmark   January 14, 2007 at 10:20AM
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A crooked mechanic will charge a bundle and rip off their customer, who will never come back

An honest mechanic might not make a huge profit on a particular job, but that customer will be back and make up for what he could have made by bring crooked and then some.

You, sir, are sadly one of the rare few. I know all too well having sold auto parts to repar shops for a number of years. There were some shops I absolutely loved (I worked on commission), but they were the last shops I would ever take my car to.

    Bookmark   January 14, 2007 at 11:39AM
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This person has posted this on several forums and as far as we can tell has not re-visited a one of them.

    Bookmark   January 18, 2007 at 2:14PM
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Interesting story. Last month, I bought a used CC LT-1050 with 3 bin bagger and 50 miles on the clock from a friend for $1050.00 (he bought it from Lowes). He purchased an xmark to relplace it because the CC's blade pto only worked when it felt like it.

As soon as I got it, i read the manual and learned it still had 4 months left on the 2 year manufacture's warranty--which happens to be redeemable at several local CC dealers. The first year of the warranty covers transportation to and from a repair center within a specified mile radius. I took mine to one of the local centers and they fixed it [under warranty] by replacing the pto relay and key switch. Moral of my post, read your manual and utilize you warranty.

    Bookmark   January 25, 2007 at 12:40PM
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machiem(Z8 WA)

"50 miles on the clock"

I hope that was a play on words...

    Bookmark   January 25, 2007 at 2:52PM
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Perhaps ,"50 hours on the clock aka,hourmeter"..TBK

    Bookmark   January 25, 2007 at 5:11PM
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oops, 50 hours on the clock IS what I meant, thanks for catching that.

    Bookmark   January 25, 2007 at 7:48PM
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Speaking of dealer not doing there inspection. My wife received her Honda Civic brand new from Honda Ile Perrot with over 65 PSIG in all four tires.
She drove the car for a while then started complaining saying "it drives like a tank, and now has a shake in the steering" I checked the tires and BAM, 65 PSIG. We broungt it back to the dealer and managed to even get 2 new tires put on the front as the actually got damaged from the over inflating. Actually we had to fight to get the new tires.
Case in point, heep fighting them until it's rectified. They will eventually help you.

    Bookmark   January 26, 2007 at 8:39AM
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stripped threads, ile perrot, as in montreal?

    Bookmark   January 26, 2007 at 10:20AM
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Your Cub Cadet is not a lemon, it just looks like one.

    Bookmark   January 26, 2007 at 10:36AM
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I have received numerous calls from Home Depot (corporate office and local store), Kohler Company and MTD. The Cub Cadet is now in the shop being repaired. The billing snafu has been fixed and we're waiting for the repairs to be completed. All of the companies involved, especially Kohler, have been sympathetic and accommodating. Mahalo to those of you who offered constructive comments, suggestions and concern. Hopefully, the tractor will be repaired soon, because in Hawaii, the grass grows year round...and ours is getting higher and higher.

    Bookmark   January 26, 2007 at 8:22PM
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Squeaky wheels get the greasing, it seems. Glad to see a positive followup on the issue.

    Bookmark   January 26, 2007 at 8:57PM
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Yep, the squeaky wheel DOES get greased.

Unfortunately, it sounds like this person had NO Warranty issues.

If the flat tire was within 30 days, WARRANTY.

The "stripped" out star is the result of ABUSE. If the blade was LOOSE it would of presented itself within the first mowing.

The rest of her complaints are customer problems, brought on by poor maintenance.

American consumers have the "wal-mart" attitude, and are NOT willing to take responsibility for their own actions.

I feel NO sympathy, they are "bottom line" consumers, and if they truly wanted a good buying experience with their lawn and garden purchase, they would be buying from a dealer.

Got EXACTALLY what she deserved.

    Bookmark   January 27, 2007 at 6:28PM
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Many of the so-called "dealers" around here have a similar attitude to that shown in the previous post. Then they wonder why people buy from (insert name of big retailer here) instead of them.

The first rule of (successful) retail is - the customer is always right, even when he is wrong. It takes months to build a habitual customer and minutes to lose one.

    Bookmark   January 28, 2007 at 9:23AM
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Cub Cadet appologist or dealer???

    Bookmark   January 28, 2007 at 4:33PM
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Gentleman.......and unfortunately I am putting that lightly. This owner of the cub cadet was looking for advice and not to be crucified. Unfortunately there were some precautionary steps that may have been missed. Instead of coming to a place where she thought maybe some helpful advice would be overwhelming she received nothing close to it.

If I were a betting man I am sure there are things that would have been done differently from the knowledge that has been given recently. Come on.......I thought this was a forum to help one another, not point the finger at the other..........that is unless we have never made a mistake before ourselves, then I completely understand.

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sporty_1974, You can keep your derogatory remarks about whether or not we are gentlemen. virginia_parsons original post was there for one reason only. It was written to get revenge on Home Depot and Cub Cadet for what she perceived as a lawn mower deal gone bad. She did not take the unit in to an authorized warranty repair facility. Her letter was a one sided history of the events. If she had simply read the warranty booklet and the finance agreement she would have realized what steps needed to be taken. Placing a call to a repair shop's answering machine is not enough. This is a forum that helps people with legit problems. It isn't a forum to shower someone with sympathy or condone their attempts to bash a company. If I purchase a mower and it breaks I have to take it in to an authorized warranty repair facility. Home Depot and similar companies do not have service departments!! Duh.

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castoff(Z5 Ontario)

Posted by sporty_1974 IN-5 (My Page) on Sun, Jan 28, 07 at 19:20

Gentleman.......and unfortunately I am putting that lightly. This owner of the cub cadet was looking for advice and not to be crucified. Unfortunately there were some precautionary steps that may have been missed. Instead of coming to a place where she thought maybe some helpful advice would be overwhelming she received nothing close to it.
If I were a betting man I am sure there are things that would have been done differently from the knowledge that has been given recently. Come on.......I thought this was a forum to help one another, not point the finger at the other..........that is unless we have never made a mistake before ourselves, then I completely understand.

Methinks you need to read the OP's post again.

I couldn't find any wording that indicated that she was looking for advice. If you can, then feel free to correct me.

What she did do is to join GW with the express purpose of posting the letter she sent to Kohler, MTD and Home Depot. She apparently joined two other forums in order to post the EXACT same message. I agree that forums are about people trying to help people but since she never asked for any help, we were left to conclude that she only wanted to embarrass the people she wrote to and to possibly bring them financial harm, based solely on her allegations.

All we know about the situation, is her side of the story and it doesn't mean that it's true just because she posted it here and two other places. And when someone does roam around the net, joining forums in order to post what she did, then what does that say about her?

This was an issue between her and Home Depot. They sold her the tractor, she had problems, she wrote to them but instead of waiting for a reply........ she chose to let as many people as possible know about the alleged problems.

Personally, I find what she did as being offensive. Coming on here and posting what she did was totally pointless and it had nothing to do with the spirit or intent of this forum or any other forum she posted to.

    Bookmark   January 28, 2007 at 8:04PM
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rdaystrom and castoff,

I took your advice and re-read the postings, especially that of virginia's. I will man up and admit that I jumped to conclusions. I just got hung up in the middle section of the postings and forgot that there was no questions being asked just finger pointing.

I appreciate the spirit of this forum as well and look forward to learning something new every day. I agree she should have done many things differently.........especially posting that on this forum. Forgive me for upsetting anyone.......I continue to look forward to any and all advice in the future.

Have a good one!

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posted like a gentleman!

    Bookmark   January 29, 2007 at 1:53PM
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The zero-turn cub cadet has a design flaw in the front wheels. I won't take you into the incredible and frustrating saga of my proof. But to the guy who thinks some Home Depot person pops out into the driveway and airs up those tires, he's very WRONG. My local Home Depot has four (I took pictures of them today for my pending class action lawsuit) zero-turn mowers behind their store all of them with flat front tires off of the rims. It is virtually impossible to air them up once they have become unseated from the rim. The manager of the local Home Depot got so frustrated with trying to help me air them up that he just gave me a new one. He said people are always bringing them in like that. The new model has a front tire twice the size...obviously a measure to correct the original problem. I could write you an essay to prove to you that my information is completely accurate but it seems like these forums are based mostly on opinion rather than fact so I am unconcerned with any of your responses that take a knowledgable tone when you obviously don't know what you are talking about. I only hope that those who are having this same problem will email me and let our voices be heard on this matter. Enough skinned knuckles and tall grass. Let's have Cub Cadet recall these ill-built models...and fire that engineer!

    Bookmark   July 24, 2007 at 10:27PM
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As anyone who has ever tried to reseat a tubeless tire on a wheelbarrow knows, just put a freakin' tube in it. If you run around with under-inflated tubeless tires on lawn equipment, the bead will become unseated. It's not rocket surgery.. or is it brain science?

    Bookmark   July 24, 2007 at 10:55PM
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bill_in_nc(Center NC)

I am at a loss as to why you dug out all this old post. What are you trying to say now? Is it your purpose to bash Cub Cadet and Home Depot? You wouldn't be on the John Deer payroll would you?

    Bookmark   July 24, 2007 at 11:17PM
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Maybe it is just lb59 using a new name?

    Bookmark   July 25, 2007 at 11:49AM
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"My local Home Depot has four (I took pictures of them today for my pending class action lawsuit) zero-turn mowers behind their store all of them with flat front tires off of the rims. It is virtually impossible to air them up once they have become unseated from the rim. The manager of the local Home Depot got so frustrated with trying to help me air them up that he just gave me a new one."

A class action lawsuit by some unknown "internet lawyer" who's "unconcerned with any responses that might take a knowlegable tone."

Home Depot keeping Cub replacement wheel assemblies in stock and giving them out for free.

I realized why I've started coming here more often. The comedy I find in the trolling... :D

    Bookmark   July 25, 2007 at 3:14PM
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I live on the Big Island, bought a GT1554 $$3200. The first blade to fall off fell off at 11 hours operation. My wife found it while strolling around with her friends on our yard. We took the deck to the Hilo service center, JJ Lucas, and he found the middle one loose as well, and the star shaped cog stripped on both the missing and loose blade spindles. JJ Technician told me he had a rash of these recently and Home Depot had just started selling them. We have now replced 5 spindles and blades in 60 hours of use. JJ Lucas will not fix it under warrantee since the very first trip as he states CC WILL NOT PAY HIM FOR REPAIRS UNDER THE THREE YEAR WARRANTEE. When I picked this unit up at HD, the front tire WAS ALREADY FLAT AND THEY HAD TO GET A COMPRESSOR, HOSE AND CHUCK AND TIRE PSI GAUGE TO INFLATE IT, IT TOOK AN EXTRA 30 MINUTES TO PICK IT UP. I should have listended to my inner voice. But I was assured by HD and the THREE YEAR WARRANTEE....NOW THE BELT WILL NOT STAY ON..... THE BLADES GET LOOS EVERY 6 HOURS OF USE .... THE ELECTRIC PTO CLUTCH ENAGES ONLY AFTER A FEW TRIES.... WHAT A TRUE PIECE OF JUNK. I was a dealer technician, welder, mechanic for 20 years, have bought many tools and machines... this is the SINGLE WORST PURCHASE IN MY LIFE SO FAR.... THANKS TO VIRGINIA...I will write a similar letter today...did you get a reply yet? Bobby G on Big

    Bookmark   November 24, 2007 at 7:31PM
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Gents, I did just join today. I am pissed off at CC AND HD. I should not have to remove the deck of a 54 inch mower to check the torque on the blade nuts the day I buy it. It would not matter anyway. The old tech, soft metal, poor fitting stars and cheap nuts do not have the holding power. The unit is junk.
I have had to cut and 3/16ths inch out of the steering links, and re-weld them to get any adjustment to fix the toe-out. It was just pushing all over the place. I have put tubes in BOTH front tires. I have notched out the left side mower deck so the left front tire will not keep hitting it and getting WEDGED IN A FULL RIGHT TURN. Yes, wedged in the deck... the tire tread grabs it..Those thin rubber bushings that house the steering shafts at the gear plate are worn out at 30 hours, leave so much play, with the deck raised, and in thick grass on bumpy ground, the left tire would jam into the deck. My service dealer says no more warrantees on any CC. I went down last week for another spindle and blade and he had a new one there from HD, I needed service and had not even been delivered yet. I was just lloking for some sign there was someone else like me who had had it....thanks for listening.... I am going after my money back.....should I get a JD, Husky , Kubota or Craftsman...? Hawaii grass is brutal and never stops growing.....

    Bookmark   November 24, 2007 at 7:50PM
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Start a new thread titled "Need Tractor Recommendation for Hawaii" and list info i.e. acres mowed, level/hilly, number of trees/obstacles, other chores tractor is needed for, etc. People will never find your post at the end of this thread.

    Bookmark   November 26, 2007 at 5:14PM
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I just purchased a Cub LT 1050 from The Home Depot. It was a long comedy of errors on the part of the store I won't go into now because they have attempted to make things right. However I learned some things I would recommend to others who purchase riding mowers from The Home Depot (and probabley other DIY stores).

At this store they only kept one battery where the tractors were displayed. They would move that poor battery around from tractor to tractor until someone bought it. Trouble is it may not be the right battery for that model. Mine came with a 145 CCA battery where it should have been a 235 CCA. They also failed to give me the mulch plug, deck wash hose adapter, oil drain hose and extra key all of which the store manager delivered to my home this evening along with the right battery.

It wouldn't start initally, partly due to the (wrong) battery being dead but mainly because it must have never been run and wouldn't pick up the gas. I had to prime it by putting a few drops of gas directly into the air intake.

After finally starting it and letting it run for 20 minutes I found that there was a creamy, white substance on the oil dip stick and in the filler tube. There was water (condensation) in the oil. Oil won't stick to parts that have water on them. I replaced the oil and Cub is sending me two quarts and a filter free.

Virtually nothing on the machine had been greased. I've found 10 grease zerks that hadn't seen any grease at all.

The belt deck covers were solid rust on the bottom sides. I sanded and painted with oil base paint.

The transaxle pedal rod needs lock nuts on both sides of the connector to the pedal. As it is pressing the pedal will quickly wear out the threaded end of the rod and leave me stranded out in the middle of my property.

Apparently, The Home Depot does not "prep" these things. Indeed, the battery (wrong one) was just thrown onto the battery tray with the cables not tightened at all. I've been told the company tells the store managers to leave all these machines out in the weather so people can sit, feel and wish. However, their wheelbarrows, decorative stone and garbage cans live under cover!

I own an MTD walk behind mower and it is a good one but I was disappointed to hear today that MTD owns Cub. I was also disappointed to read in the operators manual that Kohler overrates the horsepower of their engines. Mine is sold as a 23 HP but I bet it is more like 18 or so.

I purchased the unit at The Home Depot because by opening a credit card account I could get a 10% discount on the mower. But, I think it would have been smarter to buy from a real dealer if I could find one.


    Bookmark   November 26, 2007 at 11:11PM
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You can use that 10% you "saved" towards future parts and labor ; )

    Bookmark   November 27, 2007 at 9:53AM
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Metal, that is a good idea, thanks.

Today I successfully put two 3/8" fine thread jam nuts on that pedal rod which tightened it up nicely. Now I have confidence that won't leave me stranded.

I also removed all three blade spindle nuts, applied the Permatex version of Loctite (blue) and torqued them to 90 ft. lbs. I'll keep a close eye on them from now on.

The manual calls for just 15 lbs. air in the front and only 10 in the rear. I wonder if 20 or 25 would be better for keeping the tire on the rim. My two wheel hand truck does that but only when the air gets low and it's a pain to re-inflate.

I've learned a lot from reading here. Thanks to all.


    Bookmark   November 27, 2007 at 11:02PM
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The manual calls for just 15 lbs. air in the front and only 10 in the rear. I wonder if 20 or 25 would be better for keeping the tire on the rim. My two wheel hand truck does that but only when the air gets low and it's a pain to re-inflate.

It'll be at the cost of a hard ride, which will not only stress your own bones, but hard on parts of the machine (axles, bearings, steering parts.)

If your tire won't stay on the rim, something is wrong with the tire or the rim. An inner tube may help, but you've got a basic problem that might not take to a band-aid.

    Bookmark   November 27, 2007 at 11:17PM
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Don't want to hijack the original message here but my thought was that it wouldn't be hard to lose just a little air pressure and have the tire deflate upon hitting the smallest bump or turn. At 10 lbs it wouldn't take much loss. And, as big and wide as those tires are I doubt it would ride hard. Just my opinion and I'll leave it there. Thanks,

    Bookmark   November 27, 2007 at 11:28PM
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If you do change the air pressure be sure to re-level the deck.

    Bookmark   November 28, 2007 at 9:16AM
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Hello, I need a new tractor/Mower. We mow 2-3 acres, tough guinea grass, hilly terrain. Can get up hills with 2WD, nicer to have 4WD if not to cost prohibitive. I had an old craftsman for 15 years and it ran great and I beat it pretty hard. The junk CC GT1554 Is falling apart in all ways with 65 hours on it.
Any recommendations are gratefully accepted, thanks in advance.

    Bookmark   December 1, 2007 at 5:32PM
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In May of 2008, I bought a cub cadet zero turn (i1042) tractor from a dealer and it's been a horrible investment. Spent $2,700 plus tax on the tractor alone and in the last 3 years (warranty ends in a few days) there has been over $3,000 worth of warranty work and out of pocket work on the tractor. I will never buy a cub cadet again, from a dealer or box store. I can't believe it and I can't even find out who the CEO of cub cadet is so I can mail him a letter. If anyone knows, please tell me.

    Bookmark   May 10, 2011 at 2:03PM
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My dad bought a mtd mower years ago from walmart in bennington, worked ok for at least fifteen years, but we had some problems also. Dad hit roots in back yard and bent blade and spindle, human error no warranty. Next, mower began quiting during operation, this was on warranty, chaffed wires.
Before this machine dad had a craftman hydrostatic was ok, but the one before that was a Montgomery Ward 8 hp rider, this one hands down was the best machine, mowed smooth, even had a single stage snowblower that threw 45' if not farther. After many many years motor started smoking and dad got the bug for a new machine.
In my life after watching my dad, I've been buying dealer equipment, 1987 john deere 855, 2005 Wright sentar zero turn mower, yes these were expensive, well the Wright was bought new, the john deere bought used up in granville, ny. i do most of the maintenance and repair on my equipment and dad. I do own a yardman snowblower from 1990 worked fine for years, and just recently transmission starting to give troubles, but I will work through.
Advice, buy from a dealer if you can afford.

    Bookmark   March 2, 2014 at 3:36PM
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Total lemon, don't you think RCBE?

    Bookmark   March 2, 2014 at 6:09PM
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really can't say, rollergirl... but I can always look to you for advice on cracked batteries..

    Bookmark   March 3, 2014 at 4:05AM
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    Bookmark   March 6, 2014 at 5:08AM
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interesting selfie there, rollergirl - color matches pretty good with yer ride, yes....

    Bookmark   March 8, 2014 at 1:51AM
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As fate would have it, I discovered this forum while looking for a part for my 2006 Cub Cadet LT1045 lawn tractor. I didn't read all of the responses and can only speak from personal experience, but my 1045 is far from a lemon. In 8 years, I've used it weekly to cut my half acre yard during grass growing season in the southeast. For those outside of this area, that would be about 8 months out of the year. I also used it to maintain another half acre lot for 2 seasons, cut my dad's half acre yard 2 seasons and my daughter's quarter acre lot for one season. I've done all of the servicing on it myself and haven't been very consistent with that, changing the oil and filter only 2 times since I bought it. The spark plugs have been replaced once and that was last year and the air filter was replaced for the first time when the plugs were replaced. I've replaced the blades pretty much every year and the deck belt about every two years. I believe I'm on my third battery. With that said, the only non maintenance repairs I have made is replacing one of the shaft/bearing assemblies on the cutting deck, replaced the mulch plug, and as of now I'm about to replace the stator. This tractor resides under my back deck, uncovered at all times when I'm not using it. Because of that, I need a new seat. It's the best investment in lawn care equipment I ever made.

    Bookmark   May 3, 2014 at 10:46AM
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Buy a Bad Boy and get away from the cheap stuff.

    Bookmark   November 10, 2014 at 11:32AM
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BBMP - Ain't nothin like a big 'ol troll - you related to roller girl by chance?

    Bookmark   November 10, 2014 at 11:55AM
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