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JCTsai(8B - Jacksonville, FL)March 4, 2014

I have open bucket ( which was used as to grow big tree ) I got from the builder dumpster, I used it as compost bucket, do I need to cover it? I also got sod too, I dug the dirt out from the sod, the dirt is a lot better than the cow manure I bought from Home Depot. so I have a lots of grass from sod to compost, what is the best way to compost it? Thanks.

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

How big is the bucket? It really needs to be at least as big as a big trash can, ie ca. 300l or around 80 US gallons, to be much use for compost. It will also need holes in it. Whether it needs a lid depends on your local precipitation and wildlife.

You can compost sod just by piling it up grass sides together and leaving it. It will break down to crumbly, friable soil. But if you have removed the soil and just got grass, compost it just as you would any other green.

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You don't need a lid, but sometimes having one available will help your compost. If it's hot and dry out, a lid will help keep moisture in. If it's very rainy, a lid can keep the pile from getting too wet. But organic matter will make compost eventually anyway.

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JCTsai(8B - Jacksonville, FL)

The bucket is about 30 gallons, has holes in it. Thank you for the replies

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