Troy Bilt Trimmer leaking gas thought carb

RobinBoninMarch 17, 2012

I have a Troy Bilt TB90BC that sat for awhile and the carb got gummed up. I bought a replacement carb, fuel filter and new fuel lines and installed them all.

At first I had the 2 fuel lines going into the carb backwards (return and intake).

Right now I can get the trimmer to run with the open choke and half way mark. If I try to close the choke it dies instantly.

Also is seems that the carb is leaking fuel out of the air intake. I saw some post that mentioned something about a "lever".

All I can think it that the issues is in the carb, and either I broke it when I had the fuel lines backwards, or it was a defective unit..


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Ok, maybe you got it backwards? when you close the choke the engine will starve for air and die. Most time you will see little bit of gas when you choke it out and it dies.

I thinking you probably meant it will run on half choke and dies when I move the choke to the off or open position?

this can be vacuum leak either at the base of the carb., cracked fuel lines, primer bulb, loose carb. mount screws, misaligned gasket at the base of the carb. or slight carb. adjustment richen the mixture (hi air mixture screw (it it has them??) 1/8 to 1/4 turn CCW (counterCLOCKwise)Just note hi mixture jet screw was before you adjust it (mark it if you have to) that way if it don't do nothing you can turn it back to the orginal adjustment.

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Thanks for the reply, just to clarify, I have to start it in the open choke setting, that is when the plate is not alined with the carb allowing for the most air.

After it runs for a little while I can move it to half choke, but I am not able to close the choke all the way. I thought that is how it was supposed to "run"

All the lines and the primer bulb are new, but I'll check everything out and see if I can find a leak. Thanks.

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The normal running position of the choke is "open", that is to say not covering the carburetor inlet. The choke is closed for a couple of pulls when starting to enrich the gasoline mixture. Sounds like you are trying to do it backwards.

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