what to buy for painting.......

rbiggMarch 21, 2011

I have zip knowledge of what I'm asking.

I'd like to know of maybe two or three things (brands/models) I can find in pawnshops or craigslist that will give me the capability of painting my house, and huge deck. I have no idea of prices these gadgets will bring. Suggestions welcome

I will do pieces of it at a time. No big deal.

What I'd like to have is the thing that I can put extensions on (6'), and paint pretty good swaths with it. I think one thing I'll use is oil base stains for the deck, and maybe latex for the house.

Your thought will be welcome....

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On option would be Wagner power painters. They come in several sizes, I just painted my house last summer in 6 hours using 7 gallons of paint. I put it on extra thick. The one I got had 25 foot hose and two gallon hopper on the top. Start out price around $200 plus bucks or may find them cheaper on Ebay new in the box.

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A word to the wise: Paint house first/ deck second!
Over-spray is hard to control, especially if any wind. Move or cover cars, or anything you don't intend to paint! Cover windows/doors! Wear paint mask! Not those little white paper masks!

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I have 2 of the Wagner wide area painters. 1 has a backpack container which is great for house painting. Honestly, when I bought it- I thought it would be one of those tools I'd use to paint the house and toss because it would be junk when I was done. But no, it painted a 2 story house + 3 out buildings, several other projects. Not as temperamental as i expected after seeing all the problems my BIL has w/ his pro air sprayer. Keeping any sprayer clean seems to be the key. I bought a second refurbished as I had to spray a tie coat which had to be followed up with a top coat quick and in a hurray before the 1st coat dried. You can get different nozzles for different applications.

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,WAGNER 770 0515000PAINT CREW POWER PAINTER SPRAYER $189 (goggle if interested) has light weight sprayer handle with 25 foot hose, two gallon hopper. I was also very pleased with it's quality and preformance.

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