Lube A Trimmer Shaft/Gearbox

pgtrMarch 28, 2011

What do you guys recommend? I've got a Sears (Poulan) 32cc straightshaft. I can unfasten the gearbox and drop the box/shaft to access the drive. The gearbox has a bolt on it and what appears to be clear (silicone?) grease behind it. I suppose one can squirt/pack some in there - maybe install a grease fitting if one can be had w/ big enough thread.


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Usually the trimmer Gearbox can be split real easy, cleaned, get all the twine thats wrapped around the shaft, inspected, relubed, and assembled. Very simple and straight foward, just note how you disassembled it. Same goes for the shaft. Don't froget the lock screw that locks the head to the shaft. Straight or curved all the same on Ryobi manufactured trimmers. Done mine several times over the years

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ptgr: Usually use light grade Moly grease for this purpose. It resists hardening after extended hours use and heat cycles.

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