Bypass Primer Bulb?

pgtrMarch 27, 2011

Some of my 2 cycle power equipment have primer bulbs and some do not. I am reviving a 10 year old string trimmer and all the fuel hoses are disintegrated due to exposure to extended exposure to fuel presumably. Since it has a primer bulb that means additional hose(s).

Can I simply bypass it w/ a direct fuel line to the carb? Or would there be problems w/ doing this? (extra pulls to start) Any benefits to doing this? (simplifying system)

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You might be able to, but I think the fuel recirculates through that line while the unit is running. I wouldn't do it.

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You need that primer bulb and the extra hoses, as it all works together to pull fuel into the carburetor! Fix it right!

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Pgtr: 1st off wlecome back Dude . Secondly I Agree with the other forum members , almost all Small Engines with a Purge/Primer Bulb carburator will be a beast to start without this arrangement . Therefore I don't think you will experience any benefits of removing them . They purge air out of the carb and pull fresh fuel into the carb priming circuit which spills into the carb venturi . As you most probably recall 3-5 pumps will usually ensure a quick start. I had a trimmer / cutter that had a very interesting primer / choke /tickler arrangement that allowed me to eliminate the primer . You could out of necessity use a can of carb cleaner sprayed into the breather / filter assembly . Have done so in a pinch while in the bush when the primer line got pinched off. Overall I don't believe eliminating the primer will serve any benefit . Give it a try with one of your newer units and see what you think .

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Thanks - it's trivial to replace.

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All the parts can be had at well stocked local hardware store. Primer bulbs can be brought seperately, just take you old one with you. yellow fuel hose comes in several sizes and sold by the foot. Only thing you may have to get at SE parts store or online would be carb. kit usually runs 4 to 8 bucks depending on where you buy them.

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