clean a small carbuetor?

coho(z8/9 N. Calif)March 17, 2012

What product would be best to clean the inside of a line trimmer carbuetor?

I can easly pump the carb full, Plug the lines and let it set for a time, then pump/flush.



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most likely won't do any good. You need to put it in the gas tank and run it to get it to go through the carb. jets. pumping the primer buttom just circulates the gas up to the needle and seat and not through it. any carb. additive like gumout, seafoam, lucas sometime works if you can get started and running full throttle. IF that don't work you will probably have to disassemble the carb for thorough cleaning.

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coho(z8/9 N. Calif)

Thanks rc, Will run a couple of tanks thru and see what happens. It has reached the point of having to leave the choke slightly on while running. And hard to start when I refill the tank and start the engine again.

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Classic case IMO of carb. starting to tarnishing/gumming up. when you have to choke it little it richen out the mixture. the tarnish/dirt/gum (what ever you want to call it) starts to fill up the small passages in the carb. curcuits creating lean condition and hard starting due to the curcuits plugging up and reducing fuel flow. Usually the additive will work most of the time.

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There is some good info online related to cleaning 2 cyl carbs that might be needed if you have gotten some debris chemicals w/n rem vs you removing them. There are some small passages and screens in the carb that will show restrictions as on screens if the matter is bad enough. The use of compressed carb cleaner/air, small wire and a good feel and eye will usually get the job done. Plus, soaking over night in cleaner in extreme cases will usually get the job done (verifying all ports and screens are clear). The small screens (chainsaw's sawdust usually) have been nightmares for me which I w/n try to replace vs trying to cln w/o them coming out.

One good sight with diagrams is listed below. Good Luck! loger

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coho(z8/9 N. Calif)

Cool! Thanks loger.

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