Help On Part #s for Fuel Lines for Sears Trimmer

pgtrMarch 27, 2011

Before I order the parts, I wanted to get some clarification. This is on a used Sears 32cc trimmer (358.795200). The fuel lines and the smaller secondary line have all disintegrated.

One of the part #s I have is 530069216 and it's described as "Kit Fuel/Purge Line". Would that cover the hose from the tank to the carb (via the primer bulb) AND the smaller hose (purge?) between the tank and carb? According to one site this kit includes: 530021026, 530021027, 530021028.

Also on the smaller line - that simply goes up into the tank maybe a 1/4" or so? The larger hose is the one fuel line w/ the filter fitted inside the tank I believe.

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Most mower repair shops can possibly sell you the correct hose-es. Take a piece along to use as a sample. Some units use 2 sizes of hose. And, buy 2 feet of hose--you will know why, when you get into replacing the hoses! Also, using a razor blade--taper the hose for in the tank, back about 5 inches. And, study how to get the filter on the hose, after it is in the tank! Do that before putting the hose in the tank! Yeah, it won't fit thru that tiny hole where the hose goes in, ya know!? And, ya have to think and work, backwards!

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100% Rusty ! Sears Repair facility will have the exact hose , but any repair shop can normally supply equal if not superior grade fuel line . As Rusty said sometimes you have to think outside the box lol .

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Thanks. I would prefer to go w/ aftermarket stuff by the foot. A) I can get a couple of feet of each size and keep it around for next time and B) couldn't be any worse and hopefully it's of better quality.

I'm simply amazed at how short lived the OE stuff can be sometimes.

Not posted earlier but my out of the box thought last weekend was to look into fuel hose from hobby stores catering to the gas powered RC vehicles, planes etc.


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pgtr: The fuel line Quality seems to be tied to the Manufacturer . Most of the Box Store equipment seem to have less the Stellar Fuel Lines especially some of the lawnmowers . Actually your out of the box consideration was rather prudent. Surprised that they did not have your requirements. How old is your unit ? .

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