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ibuzzard(9)April 22, 2013

I recently scored a used very large growing stand made by Volkmann Bros. in about 1995. The company focused on supplies for growers of African Violets, and, while still in business, are greatly scaled back, and no longer produce these stands. A few of the trays are missing, the remaining ones are rather brittle. Apparently, their size is rather proprietary for their custom sized racks.

Can anyone point me to a place where I might purchase heavy duty trays in oddball sizes? These trays are essentially suspended by the parallel front and back rails. My only other soluton would be to have some made, and this smells like big money to me. Thanks, Steve.

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Hi Steve,

"These trays are essentially suspended by the parallel front and back rails."

What is the spacing between those rails? I recently needed some trays to fit on my 18-inch x 48-inch chrome wire shelves, and found some non-stick steel cookie sheets at Walmart that filled the bill nicely. Of course, they don't have to hang precariously between a front and back rail, but they are pretty strong and rigid, and probably could hold a significant load in a situation like that.

As a temporary solution to get some plants on those shelves, you could find some scrap wood and cut wooden supports to fit on those rails. Sometimes you can find some damaged pallets at a home store that they will sell cheap or even give away.


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