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boat21January 14, 2014

Hello Im working on an older Toro one stage snow thrower Tecumseh 1602 no letters after no# II have two problems. 1, what�s the point gap? Two is the crankshaft that�s slotted for the Key ( woodrift) is the odd. Never seen this before. To install the flywheel on the shaft there is a thin metal (adapter) that slides over the crankshaft On its inside, it has 2 bumps that slot over the flywheel engine shaft. offset from those bumps and on the outside of that same thin metal adapter is a raise square slot is where the woodrift key goes into it, The key is a T shape looking at its end. Don�t have a Clue how this goes into that metal adapter slot. Need Help. Here�s a Blow out of that key adapter Part no# 85.

I've done a few Flywheels on small engines but this is weird.

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An oldie for sure. These bucked the trend with a .017" point gap- arm at the arrow. The key was replaced by an adapter which the tabs slipped into the slot on the crank and then above into the flywheel slot. If it is sheared / in two pieces- replace it. I seem to remember that the solid state ones used a different key than the points -so ensure that you get the proper number..

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Thanks for the Point gap. I thought it was .020. Back to the woodruff key and sleeve. I have a metal sleeve thats solid all the way around and the inside has the 2 dimples that I assume line up with the crankshaft keyway.

I also have a woodruff key that came out with flywheel removal. The problem is when I install the metal sleeve into the flywheel and line up those dimples with engine shaft cant get that woodruff key into the square gap in the flywheel notch. I know the history of the machine and this is the first time the flywheel came off. Do you at lest know if the Sleeve and Woodruff was used together?

As I read some things it seems only the Sleeve is used BUT I know that woodruff came out with flywheel removal Id kill for a Picture

My key looks like this

Sorry for getting back late

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Google "692508 Tecumseh" That is the service manual for this engine. The key that you referenced is considered a "gold" key style and was used on solid state ignition engines- so that's out. Know that later key productions of the 611004 were actually silver in color just to confuse the issue... 611095 was similar enough in appearance, but is a stepped "T" shaped silver key. There are actually 3 other common , more straight style keys for Tecumseh as well. When I looked up a Toro 38120 84-, it shows the adapter style key 611014A. The two little nubs fit in the crank slot and the square top gets slid into the flywheel before it is installed. My distributor has none of these keys, but they are available on Ebay. Pics are good there too. It has been many years since I worked on these, but used to quite a bit. I wouldn't swear anyone's life on it, but the adapter is used w/o an additional flywheel key. If the nubs are gone, you need a new one. do you have the equipment model #?
Point gap spec for the later models (yours included) were shown as .020" in the spec chart. These were actually designed to run at .017" , but it was standardized as the later specs came out and the coil was redesigned?. Either is fine.

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