Good nitrile-type gloves that last?

pearlsonapig(USDA 8, Sunset 5)April 23, 2012

Any recommendations on gloves that will stand up to heavy use, mainly hand weeding and pruning? I find that I'm running through a pair of the standard nitrile ones in one day. I want to find something cost effective that will last longer, but still allow for good hand sensitivity. Thanks!

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I worked in a field where we went through tons of nitrile gloves. None of the ones we had really held up well to rough work. The vary in thickness from about 2.8 to 8 mils, with the thickness increasing as the number goes up. The thicker gloves should last longer, but you give up dexterity with the thicker glove. Thicker gloves also cost more. That said, Amazon has pages of nitrile gloves in all sizes and thicknesses.

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pearlsonapig(USDA 8, Sunset 5)

Of course, Amazon! I can't believe I didn't think to look there. I was eyeing the disposable ones you get by the gross at the hardware store, but the fit is poor. Amazon has a good price on Atlas reg. Gloves. I just bought the Atlas "tough" version and a Wells Lamont pair w/a double nitrile dip on just the fingertips, which are of course pricier but Amazon has a decent bulk price. I will post back if either is sufficiently longer lasting than the plain jane models. Thanks.

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I have been using a cheap leather palm glove that is thin and supple enough for me to paint my house in. I also use them for yard work and heavy car work. They are a lot easier to take on and off too. Nitriles didnt hold up very well. They also make my hands clammy

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