Help with my Honda trimmer.

yungmanApril 4, 2009

I bought a new Honda HHT31SUNBA 31cc trimmer with bike handle. After 10 months, It developed a carb problem where it bog on high throtle and die after 10 minutes of running. The dealer change the carb and the fuel lines.

Since then, the trimmer won't idle when hot. It ran find during use, but when I let go of the throtle, it just slowly die. I kept adjusting the idle higher to the point when first start, the head start to spin. But after 10 minutes of running, the idle dropped low and if I don't rev it back up, it will eventually stop. When it die, It is very very hard to start it back up, I have to lock it at half throtle and keep pulling to start it back up. There is no obvious power drop if I kept running it, just don't idle after hot and hard to start again when it die. I have made the following attempt:

1) I clean the muffler and the screen.

2) new gas filter and air filter, both are very clean.

3) Loosen the gas cap and try starting, no difference.

4) Always use 91 octane gas less than a month old with Stabil. I put one oz of Sea Foam per gallon of gas too.

5) It only happened after they change the carb.

Since this is carb relate, I don't think it is ignition coil problem. The trimmer is very new, I doubt I have over 50 hours on it. I returned back to the dealer twices and they cannot fix it. I had big fight with the dealer and it is very far to keep driving back there. Anyone have any suggestion?

Only thing I can think of is the gasket conduct too much heat to the carb, but usually it affect the power, bogging down when running, not just affect the idle only. As I have said, if I keep the throtle, it ran smoothly and with lots of power.

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That thing should have a two year residental warranty?? if it does Go above the dealers head to seek satisfaction. IMO if you not Satisfied Honda should fix it by replacing the carb. or replacing the unit. Could be something as simple as diaphram installed backward or defective carb or engine. either way seek higher level help before you warranty ruins out if it hasn't already. if you brought it used or reconditioned then you will probably have to live with it, rekit the carb. or buy a new carb hoping it will fix the problem. Hopefully you have you paper work from the dealer you have taken it to to prove the unit has a problem. You may have to drive to another dealer, but unless you just want to blow it off you got to put pressure on the dealership and beyond while the warranty is still good. IMO once the warranty is gone all they will see is $$$ when you bring it in.

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I have the same problem since day one! It is sporadic, but now does it more and more. Took off the muffler and air cleaner- same problem.

I am stumped- since it happened on day one- I think it is not the carb but an adjustment???

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Ya same here cant seem to get mine to run either. Had the carb off a dozen times and still dont Know how to keep it running. Talk to the dealer and they dont no how to fix it either. So im totally stumped....

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arceeguy(z6 NJ)

Just a stab in the dark but if the fuel systems are clean, check the valve lash. A valve (or two) that is too tight will cause hard starting and lack of power when warmed up.

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Wow , talk about less than Qualified Dealer net work . As Rc and arc have indicated this is less the Rocket Science . A little carb cleaning or diaphram (carb kit) worse case scenerio along with perhaps a new fuel filter and purhaps valve adjustment if 4-cycle engine and these engines should be operational . I doubt many of these have more than the 50 hrs running time that has been reported .
Must admit majority of the trimmers i have repaired have been 2-stroke , which by nature seem a little more tempermental . The 4-stroke units normally need minimal service usually new plug and fuel or air filter and perhaps fine tuning and valve lash adjustment and annual oil change . Hope you find a local dealer with a little common knowledge .

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My honda trimmer is two years old with few hours on it. I purchased this trimmer because I have had good luck with Honda products. This trimmer is not worth the money I spent on it!
The trimmer has always been difficult to start. It usually takes 3 or 4 pulls (after priming and with the choke).
More recently my trimmer has been bogging down when on full throttle too. The air filter is clean.
I haven't brought it in but I am suspecting that it is the same problem I had with a mower of mine. I think that the Ethenol in today's fuel is causing the problem.
I have heard of people having problems with gaskets and such. On my WeedEater lawn mower I have had to replace the carb gasket due to the ethenol. It too would not run correctly.
I cannot confirm this as the culprit with my trimmer.
Anyone have any suggestions on this theory before I spend money on repair?

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Riz: Sounds like carb fuel restrictions , an inexpensive rapair would be to add fuel cleaner to the fresh fuel and clean the needle jets circuits with cleaner , tag wire and compressed air . The bogging is a symtom of the low speed circuit becoming restricted as is the high speed (high RPM)similarly becoming restricted potentially by ethanol gumming or just some dirt . The hard starting unfortunately seems to be the environmentally friendly lean burn carbs of today . This is somethng most units today have in common . You could rejet and retune but if it starts routinely with 3-4 pulls I would just leave it as is . Let us know how you make out , since the unit is only 2 yrs old the fuel filter is probably fine but while your cleaning the carb check the filter for restriction anyways . You may wish to try Star*tron Ethanol fuel treatment available at local Walmart it has seemed to recieve some rather high praise be more than a few forum members within ethanol ailments . :)

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