Ariens 5520E snowblower - no light on smaller units

njdpoJanuary 1, 2008

Hi all,

I got to thinking that it would be nice to have a small light on my "like-new" Ariens 5520e... I see the larger units (aprox 9+hp) have lights on them - but non of the smaller 5.5 - 8.0 hp units (of any brand actually) seem to have a light...

Do these engines generate any current that you can tap into ?

Is it possible to attach a light which can run off the engine - while its running?

thanks - Dave

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Well, the Ariens website indicates that your 5520e has electric start as a standard feature. If this is true, you should be able to "accessorize" with some type of "modestly sized" lamp assembly. Your best choices for light output with low current draw are going to be with the white LED lights now on the market. Alternatively you could use a battery powered "trouble light" that attaches with a magnetic base. Try to find a light assembly that is resistant to vibration if possible.

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Thanks for the response - i just found this site with some interesting LED setups:

My unit does in fact have an electric starter on it - which is powered from a 110v connect from the wall socket (not a battery). I rarely use it - the motor starts on 1-2 pulls reliably.

So I'm confused (as always) does having this starter motor on my unit somehow imply that I can install a small LED rig on my Ariens unit?

Im not challenging your response - I honestly am not familiar of the capabilities of the 5.5 tech motor... And assumed that the starter motor had nothing to do with the generation of power - since it works from 110v house current.

Thanks - Dave

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My erroneous presumption that the "electric start" was a 12VDC unit. I doubt your engine has any current output that can be exploited for lighting duty. You will probably have to find some kind of self contained, battery powered light. Sorry for the false hope and the bad call.

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Your engine probably does not have an alternator. But making a
support bracket to which you can duct tape an LED flashlight
should be a fairly simple project. LED (light emitting diode)
flashlights are pretty bright and the batteries last for about
12 hours.

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If you fabricated a bracket to hold a car type battery, and a piece to hold a light, you could use the battery to light a 12volt lamp. The time of use associated with snow blowing out your driveway, wouldn't draw the battery down all that much, although you would have to hook a trickle charger to the battery after each plowing session.
I have several 12 volt lawn tractor headlamps, which don't draw much power, and are 4" in diameter, which would suffice to light up the work area. These lamps are not the No. 1156 park lamp bulbs as used on most tractors. They look like sealed beams, and are made of glass, not plastic.

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There were add on alternator/ light kits available for many Tec snow engines. They required that your recoil starter was the style that had the hole through the center (which is usually covered by a round decal). This style recoil attaches with 2 small screws through the edge rather than 4 nuts. Many times they would have 3 ? small punched holes near the outside of the starter to screw the alternator to. I've been out of the snow belt for a while so I don't know if they are still in current production. Anyone else know?

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I just came across this forum and see that Dave
is intrested in a light for an Ariens snowblower. I happen to have a new Ariens light kit in the box #7240 that is exactly what he is looking for. I had one of these back a few years ago on my Toro 5hp. blower, it worked great. It comes with the generator, light , hardware and instructions. One of the other fellows is correct, you do have to have a pull starter with the hole in the center, should be no problem, go to a repair shop and ask , they probably have one in their "boneyard". If intrested, email me and I can send pictures, I can let it go for 75.00, not bad considering its complete with the generator,it should work on brand snowblower with the hole in center as long as the generator can be mounted, thanks

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