Recommended gas trimmer

raaj123April 24, 2012

Can you please recommend good gas trimmer/edger within 100-150$ which is



3)easy to start,

4)reasonable power

5)trimmer (preferably edger is also there)

6)reasonable weight


1)straight shaft

2)trimmer and edger

3)preferably 4 stroke

for resonable size backyard/front yard(about 0.05 acre) with grass and weeds?

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could someone assist me plz.

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It will be really hard to hit all those goals, especially between $100 and $150. If you only have .05 acre, why not go electric. I have a little over 1 acre and bought a Sthil FS 55 last year that does a pretty good job. I think it was in the $175 range, but it is a 2 cycle. My son bought a Ryobi 4 stroke a few weeks back. So far he is happy with it but I would not trade with him.


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What you want does not exist. Get the Echo SRM-225. It is a 2-stroke. Home Depot has them for $200. plus tax. You can use it to "edge". It will not do the same job as an a true edger, but landscaper's use them to edge all the time.

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Steven Laurin & Company

What he said . . . I went with the Echo SEM-230 a couple years ago with bit more power, but will never look back for the little bit more money spent. Great trimmer/edger!

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Steven Laurin & Company


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Half Acre? Go electric. for the $150 you can get a decent unit and a 100 ft. outdoor extension cord. Do you really want the hassle of keeping a two cycle (your budget) running compared to plug it in and go?

Good luck,


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