Autumn Salvia 'Furman's Red' question

brit5467(7b/8a Coastal VA)April 3, 2012

Am in 7B. Everthing is coming up except this plant. Can I assume it's dead if there is no sign of life whatsover? Didn't know if some plants take longer to put out new growth?

If dead, wanna pull it out now cuz I have another plant to go there.



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Here, autumn sage, Salvia greggii, seldom survives the winter. Not because of cold issues but because winters tend to be pretty wet and IME, this is a plant that dotes on very dry and fast draining soil conditions. When it does survive - I've grown it in containers for a couple of seasons - it is pretty much evergreen so I'm guessing the "no sign of life" with yours is not a good sign :-)

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As a lark I planted one in the garden that had lived in a pot in the summer. It's in the dryish area under the eaves on the south side of the house, and though it died back to the ground, after our mild winter, it is resprouting!

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brit5467(7b/8a Coastal VA)

Thanks to both. Trying to use tablet on porch during spring shower(luv it!!!!) But don't think GW (or are compatible so will reply again later with questions.

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