Please Help!! Irish Star?

berber86December 2, 2009

Has anyone heard of "HARDY IRISH STAR HOLLAND" or "IRISH STAR"??!!! Please help, I need the botanical/latin name.

Where I got it said it grows from spring to winter, and "even snow won't stop this perennial from bursting into big beautiful stars" In the photo they are green, star-shaped, with a bit of yellow in the middle. They grow to be about 12-16" tall. (I can't put up the picture I have cause it is the photo from the internet)

I got this for my grandmother and she is so excited by the picture she wants information on it before it even arrives so I am trying the best I can. All the nurseries told me to find out the latin or botanical name so they can send me information on it. PLEASE help if you can. Thank you Thank you!

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Can you link us to the internet site with the optional link?

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Ehhh...See I am a member of publisher's clearing house and it was a page they sent me of inexpensive stuff to order so it wont let me go back because it was linked to this residency paper work I had to fill out... but I copied the description yesterday

"Even snow won't stop these perennials from bursting into beautiful, star shaped blossoms! Hardy Irish Star Holland bulbs thrive in borders, under shrubs and around trees. The magic begins in early spring and doesn't stop until winter. Grows 12-16" in height." and well I do have a picture on my cellphone I can try to put up

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OK, so it's a bulb then? If so, look at Ornithogalum nutans.
It sounds like one of those descriptions that is too good to be true, so isn't true!

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Thank you! And yea I get what you mean. Just figured I have ordered things from them before like car organizers to put in your cup holder etc...and never had an issue but its a little weird when 2 nurseries can't help you? hmmm

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Yes, it is Ornithogalum nutans from the picture you sent, berber86.

How this bulb which originated in Asia ends up as "Irish Star " is beyond me! It's an heirloom bulb which I've admired and ordered a few from Brent and Becky's this year. It's not invasive like Star of Bethlehem but flowers only in spring and not when the snow is on the ground.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ornithogalum nutans description

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That is very useful info. & my grandmother says thank you! Kind of disappointing though that it does only bloom in spring, which kinda irritates me that PCH would say all that stuff. But thank you.

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I was just on the same search for info on these bulbs from PCH when I followed the link to here. I have been burned by the lisings "wonder Plants" that no one has ever hear of . Some I have recocgnized as to what they really are and got burned once or twice and never purchased flowers etc again. Tried to find the nursery named in the pix. No luck there either

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