Black baccara opinions?

NOACCEPTANCE772(8a)April 22, 2014

Can anybody share their experience with the "Black Baccara" Hybrid Tea rose?
I did buy this rose online and have it with me now.
I see so much negative feedback on this rose :(
sometimes it makes me wonder if it is the fault of the grower or the rose they have is mislabeled.
Some people fail to realize that as it is a FLORIST rose, it needs florist rose care but they expect it to give them florist-quality flowers with minimum care and get mad when it fails to do so :/
What's your opinions on it? Don't hesitate to share your pictures and stories about this rose.

thanks! :)

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dove_song(WA State Z6b)

Glad you asked for opinions, pictures, and stories about BLACK BACCARA because I've been super curious about this one, NOACCEPTANCE772!! :-)

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kentucky_rose zone 6

Last year I sp'd mine after about 7 years in my garden. It is a pretty dark red bloom that lasts a long time. The blooms are small, but that was ok. What I didn't like was the slow repeat and few blooms. It did get BS and was winter tender. I am in zone 6, so it may do better in a warmer area?

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dove_song(WA State Z6b)

Wow, that was a fast answer, Kentucky Rose. Thanks!! :-)

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I dunno about the little amount of blooms thing.
Mine has a rose bud on every single stem :P There are six stems growing right now.

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I love mine.
The blooms aren't big.
The repeat is kind of slow, and bud production isn't the greatest.
That being said, it's a very steady consistent grower and bloomer for me.
Most vigorous? No... steady, yes.

I have mine in 4 hours sun. Completely clean of diseases and pests in my area.
I think it needs cooler temps and shade to bring out the black colour.

My phone can't capture great photos of the flower but I'll post what I can.

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This really showcases the velvety texture of the blooms.

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This is probably the most accurate colour representation I have.
Though it's still a bit too red.
Another thing to note.
The blooms will last week's in a vase. Weeks! And the further you are from the bloom the darker it appears.

At this stage the blooms look genuinely black from 3 feet back.

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john_ca(CA US9/SSZ14)

I have had Black Baccara in the ground in my no-spray garden for around 3 years. It is now in the middle of its first flush and there are around 30-50 blooms on it. Sometimes it has one bloom per stem, sometimes around 4 or so-if you had time to disbud it, you would likely improve the flower size.. It struggles a bit with powdery mildew, but this seems to disappear as the season progresses. It has grown around 3 feet tall each year, but this year it has grown to around 5 feet tall. The color is quite dark, especially when the light level is lower in the spring and fall. If you really wanted a very dark color, you may be able to devise a shelter for a developing bud that would reduce the light reaching it, but allow for air circulation. The larger flowers are around 4 inches across and they are long-lasting. You can cut stems in the 12-18 inch range from my plant growing under my conditions. I do not detect any fragrance on BB. It is a nice rose here, but I prefer Black Magic to it.

BM can also have suprisingly dark colors (approaching that of BB) in late fall and early spring. One of our specimens of BM is planted in the shade of an almond tree; there were several flower specimens that were nearly black last fall. BM tends to have more stems with single blooms and is very vigorous. I pruned my specimen of BM down to around 3 feet in January and it is now around 7 feet tall-if you wanted to grow roses with really long stems (3 ft), this would be a good choice. It seems to be more disease-resistant than BB. While BM can be very dark, it's color changes to a very brilliant shade of red when expose to the sun. Like BB, BM has little to no fragrance that I can detect and has long-lasting flowers.

In conclusion, BB is a decent rose if you want a really dark one. It appears to be a bit more disease susceptible than others, but you should be able to get some decent flowers if you live in a area with reasonably dry summers. If I lived in an area that had cold, wet summers, I don't think that I would keep it because of its susceptibility to foliar disease. It seems to take a bit longer than other roses to get established. You may need to do a bit of disbudding if you want to grow larger flowers. It repeats less than my other HT's but I am getting at least 3 flushes per growing season, perhaps more.

Good luck with your specimen!


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

I've had mine a long time--ten years at least. It's actually on Manetti rootstock. It's okay--not my favorite, but not a disaster either. I should probably get rid of it, but it throws a really gorgeous flower every once in a while, and the flowers can last for a month.

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So much beauty ... so little fragrance.

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Sow_what? Southern California Inland

A client of mine is growing Black Baccara (pictured below). There are plenty of blooms on the bush for our spring flush, but the color varies greatly. As you can see, the buds start out very dark, but the color changes to a bright red as the blooms age. We're experiencing an exceptionally hot spring, and this rose is in full sun.


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turns out my rose is mislabelled...
How did I find out? The petals of the bud are PINK not dark red or black!
I have never gotten a rose that was not mislabeled. Sucks to be me :(

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Sorry to hear that--where are you buying them that you get mislabelled all the time?

Maybe it will be better than BB!

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I buy them from different places. this one was from "Styleroses".

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Time to bring this forum back!
It turns out I was impatient. My rose IS black baccara and gives me beautiful bouquet flowers! :D
Here is a photo of the first bloom! ^_^
I cannot wait for it to get bigger and give me vase-quality long stems and flowers! I love this bush ^_^

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