Single or Dual line string trimmers?

bilmo(9)April 1, 2013

Hi All! been awhile since I asked any silly questions. here's one!
I had a very nice Ryobi Electric string trimmer 25 years ago. I let too many people use it. it's in the string trimming harp playing yard Heaven tool in the sky.

here's my question: it was a dual string. I hated that. I simplified it 'FOR ME' any way by turning it into a single string bump feed trimmer, and it worked great. till I let too many idiots borrow it. now its gone.

if i buy a new el cheapo ( name your brand, but with at least 3.5 star reviews) can I once again turn new trimmer in to a single as opposed to a dual? the dual string trimmers have always knotted up inside the spool terribly, taking the joy and Nirvana out of of getting the bloody job over with.

any thoughts? thanks much!........Bill

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IMO! I would think for residential use you would get a lot of use from a Duel Line String Trimmer using one line. I have a gas mid grade Echo (10 yrs old) with dual feed but I only use one due to frustrations. I feel it would have better balance cutting and wearing with two lines.

I have experimented with two independent lengths of heavy duty lines vs a spool with fair success vs a Weed Whacker, Etc. Such as, a âÂÂExtra Heavy Lineâ twice the needed lengths with two knots tied inside the spool to maintain lengths.

Trimming is my Nightmare! I can cut this small City lot (70â X 120â minus house and drives in 30 minutes but trimming is 1 - 1.5 hr. A hard blade due to so much concrete saves and trimming ever 2-3 cuts (at about a 45 Deg angle vs straight up).

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thanks a lot loger! much much appreciated. it will make life MUCH easier. my old old ryobi was a dula line. I strung it for single and it worked great. plus, I never had to take the spool of and untangle it 20 times in an hour. I just wanted to make sure the newer units would work the same way. ryobi was 20 years old but worked great till I loaned it to a neighbor no more loaning. I think I'll buy a toro 51480 or some model number like that. hey thanks! that's what I needed to know! you have a great day and we'll talk some more later. cheers!

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Good Luck! I started with a Sears/Craftsman Electric by Etc in1973. Got about 15 yrs and thought that was the only way back then. The electric cord and damp weather sent me to gas since but starting and fuel/mix makes it a toss-up. The Bottom Line Is, I Question TodayâÂÂs Quality. One concerned user is a "Known Plus". Let me know in 20 yrs. LOL.

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oh, I don't expect 20 years out of ANYTHING any more. not even a rolls royce. and I'm hopin for 2 years max from my new toro corded electric trimmer with one line :)
and no more tool loaning to deadbeat neighbors. never again. we all have to learn eventually. my new answer is "NOPE!"

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Might be worth going to the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas this May. I have seen a very cool looking line trimmer/brush cutter on the show's web site under the exhibitor section. It is called a Yard Tamer.

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thanks brandman! that thing looks pretty cool alright :)
only a few places online give a ballpark price. out of my league with no baseball pun intended, but it worked good! I'd love to have one. just couldn't afford it. I'm lookin to spend 60 bucks on a disposable one for 18 months or so. thanks for the tip though!!

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Glad i found this post about using a single line on a dual line trimmer. I tried using a single line on my dual line trimmer today and it worked great. I'll never use two lines again. Thank you for the info.

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thank YOU nod, and all the other folks for confirming it! yard tools seem like plumbing. not really evolved much since the Roman Empire. or maybe it's just me. single line is bad enough. who needs 2?

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