rust in the gas tank

fredmertz(NW Indiana)April 9, 2008

I have rust in my gas tank. It's an old Wizard (Western Auto?) front tine tiller. Model GIS-2020 A 37 Ser#3776427. the engine is a Briggs and that's all I know about it. I can't find the model number on the blower housing but it does say "easy spin" in the center and the carb is a manual slide choke. I don't even know if it has points and condenser. The machine has been sitting in a shed for years but with a little carb cleaner it did start. I did notice the inside of the metal gas tank is rusty. before plugging up the fuel pick-up pipe I need to know if there is a way to clean out the rust and seal the inside to prevent future rust. A local lawn mower shop says he can get me a new tank for 60 big ones. I'm retired and have more time than money. Any ideas? Thanks. One more thing....did Briggs ever put out horizontal shaft engines and not stamp the model numbers on the housing? There is a place on the front of the housing where there was a decal at one time.

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If the tank can be removed here is one method to get rid of the rust: buy a large container of BBs, and dump them into the tank. Put in a bit of gas and shake the *&%# out of it. Empty it and repeat until the the gas comes out clear. I don't know about relining the tank, perhaps someone else would have a solution.

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fredmertz(NW Indiana)

tombob.....The idea about the BB's is worth a try. Do you think a weak solution of muriatic acid would work better than gasoline?

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davidandkasie(Z8 MS)

simple and cheap solution, on garbage day drive around until you see a junk lawn mower sitting on the curb. remove the tank and put it on your tiller.

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machiem(Z8 WA)

Motorcycle shops sell a product called "Kreem". You can actually buy it from several websites as well.

It comes as a kit and tells you how to clean, etch and seal the tank.

I've done it on a few motorcycle tanks. One was done at least 12 years ago and it still looks like I did it yesterday.

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muriatic acid will burn a hole in a 'weak' spot. I would buy the kreem, and follow direction's.

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Like machiem's product i used por15 cleaner/sealer. 5 years so far.
I used aquarium gravel to prep for the cleaning.

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