Identifying bulbs? Multiple flowers planted in the same spot...

lviceApril 21, 2014

Last year our dogs tore to shreds the most beautiful tiger lily plants, bulbs and everything. I was sure they were done for, so I dug up the rest of what I could find and my mom replanted some things from other parts of our flower bed to fill the space (we were in survival mode with twins so I was grateful for any help).

Well fast forward to this spring and now we have a few tiger lily stalks coming back! Miraculously. However it is sharing a spot with a daffodil and some monkey grass :(

I am in the process of trying to separate it all and the only way to get it all apart and not have this same issue again is to get up all the bulbs.

My problem is that ALL the bulbs Im getting are looking the same! How do I determine what is lily and what is daffodil???

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aachenelf z5 Mpls

Lily bulbs are composed of a series of scales (think pinecone) . Daffs for the most part are smooth.


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thank you! Perhaps Ive only come across daffodil bulbs so far. This helps a lot

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Oh! one more thing...

Can I turn around and replant everything now or am I supposed to wait until fall? If I need to wait - where should I store them in the meantime?

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aachenelf z5 Mpls

Plant them now.


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Do NOT wait until Fall. It's tricky to store bulbs that long without killing them, particularly lily.

The Daffodils may have a papery covering. The lilies will be scaly. The two of them can probably cohabit fine. (The daffodil blooms early and goes to sleep). The monkey grass is the thing you have to be careful to get rid of if you want the lilies to survive.

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