What's wrong with my Echinacea

kmack17(6 NJ)April 27, 2013

I planted a couple of echinacea I ordered from BlueStone Perennials 10 days ago. They looked good when I got them. They're in full sun. There hasn't been much rain recently, but they get watered with my lawn, so they've been getting an inch per week. The last few days, I've noticed them both wilting. All of the other plants I planted in this garden are doing well. Here are a couple of photos:

Any idea what's happening and I what I can do about it?

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Patty W. zone 5a Illinois

Did you remove the coco fiber pot. If not remove the pot it holds to much moisture by the crown something echinecea don't like. Then check the soil to see if the soil actually gets sufficient moisture. The 1/2 inch is probably not enough. Water well then let dry before watering again. You could also provide some shade for a while until it perks up again. Then slowly reintroduce it to full sun. A lawn chair will work. Don't know if I said that clearly enough but I tried. Good luck with your plant.

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terrene(5b MA)

Watering once per week would generally be sufficient for an established perennial - but for a new transplant I would water more frequently than that, perhaps every 2-3 days if it doesn't rain, depending on the size. The smaller they are, the more frequently they need water. I water seedlings daily if it doesn't rain.

I also remove the coir planters, but I'm not sure if they hinder root growth or not.

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kmack17(6 NJ)

Thanks for the help. I'll dig up and remove the coco fiber pot tomorrow. I've been watering twice a week, at a half inch each time.

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