Troy-Bilt Tomahawk chipper/shredder manual

Steven Laurin & CompanyApril 24, 2009


I'm new to this forum - found it while searching for any information I could find on this newly purchased machine w/electric ignition. The decal states it's a TB Super Tomahawk Model-11390, Serial # W831145. I believe that translates to a 1990 vintage - although the seller knew very little about it. It has been sitting in a dry barn for many years and is in very good condition. Anybody here with a sililar rig - willing to share any literature? I would be very grateful and will reimburse all expenses and efforts.

Thanks much - Steve

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Try going to the MTD web site (MTD now makes Troy-Bilt) and look for owners' manual downloads which are free. They may have it. Also try this site:

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Later: Try eBay. There is a shredder manual there right now, but I'm not sure if it's for your model. You could check with the seller.

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Steven Laurin & Company

Thanks berrypatch - but I've just located a source of free, downloadable manuals in pdf format. I saved + printed out the following publications for my Super Tomahawk 8hp chipper/shredder:

Owner's Manual (1993, 44 pages)
Parts Catalog (1993, 16 pages)
Sales Brochure - 8 hp Super Tomahawk and 5 hp Tomahawk (1993, 4 pages)

Tip - the pdf page formats were reduced 50% - so select the full letter-size option before printing . . . much easier to read.

You'll notice several other models listed as well as parts available through a few of the other site pages:

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organic_farmgirl(7 or 8)

To add on to what Archdiver said. I too went to to get views of the manual. You may also find parts there or here:

Good luck and good chipping

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Re: 8 hp Super Tomahawk, B&S engine, manual belt clutch mechanism
Trying to change belt; disassembled manual belt/clutch mechanism; having difficulty re-assembling it; belt/clutch remains in belt-tension/engaging position; cannot dis-engage it; have all parts

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Steven Laurin & Company

Check your email inbox - will send pdf files of owners manual and parts diagrams, if your isp server can handle very large files.

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archdiver - thanks for a great followthrough.

did have several manuals that worked out for me.

Here's a tip. Sites like spend
their own money to support the downloads that we take from them. The least you can do is search for their contact information and THANK THEM for their neighborly ways. If not for people who donate their time AND resources (like this example) our internet wouldn't have 1/10 of the value it does. Thanking small businesses who pay for the bandwidth need to be reminded that we're thinking of them AND that we may buy from them and send friends to them ANd that they're getting free advertising from US on sites like gardenweb.

Thanks for hearing me.

I'm going to include a tip in a post to help you find stuff.
Link people to it when ever they need help.

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Tips for searching any site because
Not all site's search work very well
Here's a tip for searching for any site using Google. WRITE IT DOWN*

Searching a site like

they ask for the product's model.

When you don't know the model you're stuck until you search this way:

Put this into Google

site: manual

Any page related to any manuals will come up. Try it even if you're not interested right now.

Any site can be searched this way. Want to search for something odd that Granger search doesn't work for?

put odd thing you want to find

Here's some tips to help you get better results for any

tip: if it's a super common thing but you know exactly how it shows up on the site use quotes to nail it down.

into google put
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but tip2 ..
site: "cardboard shredder"
won't find a page that says
.... shreds cardboard

because "cardboard shredder" is't the same as "shreds cardboard"

in that case change the search to

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.. imagine what's on the page you hope to find..

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although they're getting smarter they can't read
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Search engines where you sign up with an account
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Beware of being manipulated. We're all already
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Good luck. need more help? PM me and I'll help or ask a question in a help forum.

Teach yourself how to learn:
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