Deere GX75 riding mower

vtecFebruary 5, 2008

Hi everyone,

Someone in my area is asking $450 for a Deere GX75 riding mower. 9 HP, electric start.

I can't find much info on the machine besides the fact they seemed to be made between 90-96. Then Deere made the GX85 for a while and no longer makes these little rear engine riders

What do you think its worth? I push mow my yard but a little rider would be great.


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I had a GX85 for a few years and it was a great mower. The only thing I ever did was replace the battery. If the mower is in great shape and includes the bagger, I would offer somewhat less than $450. If not, you might want to go the Snapper RER route...I also had one of those and they can be had for less money. The Snapper, while bulletproof, was somewhat crude in comparison to the Deere.

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Thanks shag. As I understand it the 85 had a couple more horsepower. Was the quality of cut pretty good on these?

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The JD cut quality was great, the Snappers was decent. On a mower of this type, I would not be too concerned about a few less HP's.

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the only draw back on this unit is, they are a real pain to work in.

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Found this Snapper for $450. What would you prefer. JD or Snapper?

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pic of the snapper. B&S 9 hp

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I have had the snapper and an older R70 RER that I still use. Both units are well built but the one thing I did't like about the snapper was the speed "slooooow" The deer zips along very nice but either unit does the job.

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otsego(z4 upstate NY)

I inherited a 1989 RX75 from my father-in-law that works very well. The Kawasaki engine is very reliable and the 9hp seems to give it enough juice to cut pretty deep grass. It also gives an EXCELLENT quality of cut with the bagger. The only minor downsides on this 20 year old machine are that the "variator" transmission blows through a belt a year and the various safety switches are a bit wonky. I've learned to live with this by replacing the belts for $20 or and jiggling the levers and seats rather than pay $200 or so for a service call. My opinion is it is if you just need to mow and pull a cart with it $475 is a good price--they were well over $2000 new!

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$450 for it sounds a bit steep- specially that its not a larger garden tractor ( just for the name?) and only 9hp. If the tractor was like brand new and had a larger motor- possibly. I had a 11hp murray RER- i got for free from my bro in law for working on a tractor of his- it was virtually brand new- very clean. I ended up putting it out front for $200 - a guy offered me his old tractor and a $100 for it- i took the deal- since his was a larger 12hp murray rider- also virtually new- cept a blown motor( i had a replacement motor- so no big deal)- i could turn around and sell the 12hp murray for nearly $300 ( if i wanted to- its too good to sell)

Here is a link that might be useful: modifed lawntractors

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Hi guys, So I bought the GX75 and it run great! I've never owned a RER. Just push mowers. I would like to sharpen the blade. How do you suggest I get under there. I notice snappers stand up on their end. Not this Deere.

I've got car ramps. Could borrow some jack stands.

Suggestions? Thanks

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I know it's a newbie question but any help appreciated. Never owned a rer before.

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I own an SX75 RER with the 9Hp Kawasaki, and it is a great mower. When I sharpen the blades, I raise the mower all the way up and lift the front tires up on a couple of 4x4's. You need to block the rear wheels so they don't move. I usually leave mine in gear too. Then I just remove the blade.

Good luck with the GX75. I bought my SX75 in 1987, and it has been a very good mower for many years. This year I have a starting problem, but it isn't anything major. Not bad for 21 years of mowing.

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Thanks. So do you mean you put the deck at the highest point and when you raise the mower up are you "getting under there" on your back?

And I thought the SX75 came after the GX75 before they discontinued it?

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I have had an SX95 for about 14 years (bought it used). It's a great mower, and solidly built. When I need to get the blades off, I raise the front with a manual crank jack. It\\The jack has two legs that are bolted at the top, but can swing open. There is a metal band loop that keeps the other end of the legs (the support leg has a short cross beam on the foot to give a little stability) from spreading too far. There is a top crank which screws the hook higher or lower. The hook on the jack fits into a small recess on the front of the frame. Once the front is raised high enough the blades are accessible. Just be sure everything is stable so it doesn't topple from the force of loosening the blade bolts.
I was unable to find a photo of the jack and don't know what it is called ( someone told me it was an old truck jack), so the best I can do is above description. Hope it helps.

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Yes I do raise the mower to the highest setting before raising the front. Yes I do lie on my back when removing and installing the blade. I find this method to be quick and easy to do. Hope it works for you. Whatever method you decide to try just make sure the mower is stable before you get your arms under the mower deck to remove the blade. Safety first!

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Thanks Jerry!

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Hi guys, The GX75 mows great!

Can you tell me what the middle setting is for in this pic. I under stand choke bunny and turtle :) Is the middle setting where I should be engaging the blade? Thanks!

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Is not a setting, but an international symbol for rpm or engine speed.

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Ok, Thanks! So am I right to think I should be engaging the blade at a slower engine speed? This is my first rider.

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New to this BLOG, My 1987 JD RX75, wont' crank, service man said the starter is shot. Any advice where to get a reasonably priced one. JD is $600 installed, more than the value of the the unit.

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Hi Everyone

Hope someone can help, I am looking for a bagging system for my John Deere GX85 Rear engine tractor/Mower. Does anyone know where I can find a good used one , or possibly a retro that will work?


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We have had this mower for 16-19 years and were happy with it. Now I can get it started, but when I engage the blade,
it dies. Have replaced two safty switches, cleaned the gas line, new filter, spark plug, can't get it to go.
ANyone know what might be wrong?

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