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exmarApril 10, 2012

Hi Folks,

Noticed some mold on the vinyl siding on the North side of the house. In the 10 years since I built the house mold occasionally appeared on the west side where it was easily attacked with a pump up garden sprayer standing no the deck (1 story ranch) The North side however is a lot taller and would require an extension ladder.

Seemed to remember that folks pressure wash Vinyl for this? The solution I have used in the past was 3/4 cup bleach to a gallon of water. Borrowed my brother's Task Force electric pressure washer (he got it at an end of season sale at lowe's for $50) it claims 1600 PSI and 1.5 GPM. Reading the instructions it had dire warnings about adding bleach, chlorine, etc. to the soap dispenser. Is that straight bleach or is a bleach/water solution OK? Alternately, is there an "approved" anti mold PW soap?

Obviously, I know little about these kritters. My experience to date was using a gas powered unit on the dozer, farm equipment, etc. and soap wasn't a big concern.

Also want to do the back deck floor and was going to rent a gas powered unit, now wondering if this electric would do anything?

Any thoughts or opinions welcome.


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You can find Vinyl siding cleaner concentrate at the big box stores and most hardware stores. Same with deck cleaners. Myself, i've always used a bleach solution in my gas operated washer for cleaning the Vinyl siding and deck. After i finish the cleaning i run straight water through the pressure washer to clean/flush it out. Been doing this for about six years with the same pressure washer. Although not recomended by the manufacturer to use bleach in the machine.

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Thanks for the response, that's what I've decided to do also. Was looking at the various "cleaners" at a hardware store today paying particular attention to ingredients therein. A simple bleach/water solution flushed out after use can't be any worse than those are. In fact, a lot of them listed chlorine which is bleach?

Thanks again,


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The reason bleach is not a good idea for your pressure washer is because as it runs through the pump it damages the seals. The cleaners that contain small amounts of bleach will also have buffer chemicals to protect and lubricate the seals in your pump.

I found a good guide to pressure washing siding that I've attached; they also have good info on power washing decks!

Here is a link that might be useful: How To Clean Siding With A Power Washer

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Good link!

What I ended up doing was what I've done in the past, just used a pump up garden sprayer with a 3/4 cup bleach to a gallon of H20. By the time I was finished there was "green water" running down the siding. If we get some sun, that and time will remove the rest. If not, I certainly know how to use the pressure washer on the siding. :-)



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