Troy Bilt Tiller

warrior1April 12, 2010

Hi Folks, hoping for some help

I own a troy bilt tiller purchased new back in the 70's (unsure of exact year). Originally a 7hp Kohler Horse model, SN 197252. Model number unknown. During the first ground breaking this year the transmission developed a bad leak at the front belt pulley. Upon dissasembly I discovered that the main shaft had over 1/4" of end play which destroyed the front seal. The rear tine bronze gear was very worn and the gear oil had a definite gold hue. Also the rear bearing for the main shaft had disintegrated and chewed up the back end of the main shaft. At a minimum I need the the main shaft, bronze gear, and all related bearings and seals.

Now my questions: To get the proper parts if available I'm told I need to know the model number which I don't know. Also when rebuilding this transmission what is the allowable main shaft end play (if any) and how is it adjusted?

Thanks in advance

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There is a Yahoo Group which deals with Troy Bilt tillers which can answer all of your questions.

Just google yahoo groups troy bilt or go to yahoo groups and you can find it.

Good Luck

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