husqvarna 4x4 lawntractor mower lever won't stay engauged

davefrommdFebruary 12, 2013

i have a husqvarna 4x4 articulating lawn tractor with mower deck on front and the rear wheel steers. when i lift up the lever to engauge the mower deck the lever won't latch and stay engauged. it seems like a spring may have come loose but don't know what to look for. your help will be greatly appreciated.

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Somewhere on that machine there should be an I D plate with the mfgr's name, full model number and serial number. It will help if you can provide that info so that we can check into parts lists, etc. for your particular model.....

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Do you mean like the button on the lift handle won't pop up and lock? There is a small spring at the bottom of the handle that retracts it and allows to lock. I think these are cable controlled. Searspartsdirect used to have the parts listings for the Rider 155 - if that is what this is.

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it is a model 155 awd. i did not find the plate with numbers.

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to Tom's point, might go over to this link, poke about a bit to see if you can pick out the part that is giving you the problem...

Here is a link that might be useful: 155 parts

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i looked at the parts diagram and the lever assembly 5354311-01 is the one i have and this is what is causing the problem. when i press the button down the button does not go back up but seems to stay stuck down. i was hoping to find a spring to just replace however if i have to buy the whole assembly i'll do it and be done with it. thanks for the help.

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i believe there is a spring missing inside the lifting lever handle which is all i need to fix it however it does not show it in the parts diagram. i hope someone could tell me what kind of spring i need to fix it.

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Dave, at this point you may have to attempt to disassemble of the handle for an in depth inspection of the "insides".
IF.............the handle can be taken apart, you might find remnants of an original spring that you could carry to a hardware store for matching out of a master assortment.
My experience with springs and machinery is that sometimes when an extension type spring snaps into 2 pieces, the now separated halves just sort of wind down into each other and when that happens.....there goes your spring action.
It's also possible that the mechanism inside the handle are simply needing to be cleaned out and lubed.
Good luck on this as I always enjoy when a component can be "saved".

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i fixed the handle. there was a removable cotter pin after i removed it i was able to take the inside parts out. the original spring was still inside the handle and somehow got disconnected. i used the original spring as there was nothing wrong with it the replacement parts diagram did not show any replacable parts however that complete assembly part was for sale for 45 dollars.

what i did was slide the latch with the spring connected to the correct hole on the latch inside the handle. i also tied a string to the other end of the spring. once the latch was all the way to the end i put the cotter pin back in and then pulled on the string till the spring end pulled through the hole...finally fixed. thanks very much for the help.

i have a lg prepaid phone i took pictures with. does anyone know how i can download them into my computer so i can post a pic of the parts that go inside the handle. i think i need to buy a different chord.

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Can you "e-mail" the pictures from the phone to your computer?
That is one way to "work around" the issue of needing to buy a patch cord.
If you can do that then you can "save" the photos to a folder in your computer to upload to a post.

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