String trimmer which accepts expand-it attachments.

casolorz(6a)April 23, 2012

I am looking for a new string trimmer, split shaft, which will accept the expand-it attachments. I have about 3 or 4 of those attachments.

I was really hoping to get an Echo, or Stihl, or that Hitachi which has good reviews but none of them seem to accept the expand-it attachments, although the Echo PAS at HD didn't seem too different from the Ryobi attachments they had laying around.

I am curious to try the 4-stroke trimmers, mainly hoping for more power and less vibration, but I've read conflicting reviews regarding them. I don't care about the oil mixing part. But really what I want is a trimmer which won't stall easily when using a brush cutter or going through tall grass. I have a 3 1/2 acre lot, but I won't be weed whacking around the whole lot, just near the house and a few other places.

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Any Trimmer that has Quick Link system (Split shaft, you can see the knob in the middle of the shaft, usually all of these are straight shaft trimmers).

4 Stroke are ususally Robyi (sold under few brands)(MTD manufactured). I had had one for 8 years and had good luck with it, As with any trimmer or lawn equipment letting it set with gas in it will clog the carb. up. IMO don't let them set very long (over 5 weeks with aged gas). IMO using COrn gas will also deteriorate the rubber parts fuel system. don't let them set with corn gas in them reduces the deterioration IMO.

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I also have older Toro with quick link system. I afraid toro might be MTD now??????

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Note that Stihl has their "KombiSystem" of attachments but you can also get a regular trimmer and the various gear box heads. The difference is that you need the Stihl wrench to swap out the gear box heads whereas the KombiSystem stuff is tool-less. Also, you want to get the compatible handle for these systems (i.e. no handlebars for the pole pruner attachment, etc.).

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