Kohler engine problems

lmsc7(Virginia)February 20, 2013

I have a Craftsman DGT 6000 with a Kohler CV740-0018 27 HP engine. The last time I mowed this past fall I turned off the mower deck and started towards the garage where I keep the tractor I heard a pecking in the engine which quickly turned into a hard knock. I shut the engine off and pushed it into the garage. The next day I puled the engine off and took it apart and found out that it had broken a rod cap bolt, snapped the head off the bolt. There was vey little damage to the block and no damage to the crankshaft so I replaced both rods and reinstalled the engine. It ran good with no vibration or noises. After approximetly 10 hours of operation it is starting to knock again. I haven;t torn it down yet but I expect to find the same thing I have two questions, 1. What in the world is going on. Both time the engine was full of oil and operating at only 1/4 throtttle.2. How do I fix it. This engine has about 240 hours total time on it..

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You should either check the crank-shaft journal with a micrometer, or have someone do it for you! You might find the journal has gotten out of round, causing the problem. Also, before having the crank-shaft ground to round, check on the price difference of a new crank-shaft, and matching rods.

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At this stage, verify the journal like Rusty said and verify rod part #s used were 2406728-S. Other bases to cover 1) ensure that you are not over speeding the engine 2) anything oil related- passages, pump, o rings, screen, plug caps if applicable, oil is oil and not contaminated w/ fuel etc.

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