Will 10 - 40lb bags be enough?

perezjuanf(10a)March 26, 2013

I have an area in my back yard that is around 225 sq ft and I want to plant some melons there, right now there are plumerias growing I am planning to leave them there, the land is sandy. If I mix 10 - 40 lb. Organic Compost Steer Manure Blend with this be enough to get the land ready for the melon seeds?

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darth_weeder(z7 NY)

I'd say it's a good start.

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tombug(5b N Central Ohio)

I add 40 - 40 lb bags to an area about the same size last year. Everything that I grew was very happy and productive. However, I do not plan to add anything this year.

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Raw_Nature(5 OH)

That should be a very good start, especially if you have sandy soil to begin with.. The weight of the bag is kind of misleading, 40 lbs sounds like a whole lot when it really isn't.. Look out for free compost from your city instead of buying it.. My city has great leaf humus, and it's free! Overall, I probably shoveled several thousand pounds of compost for my plants,I would say at least 2-3 thousand pounds, if not more... Matter a fact, me an my brother just picked up compost the other day,he has a 17x7 trailer and had that thing packed! Trailer was bending, truck was crying! My back is still broken! My plants are happy happy happy! Don't worry you're off to a great start, plant your seeds!

Good luck,

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What is in the "blend" and how good is the soil now?

If someone with a sandy soil was buying my compost from me, I'd suggest at least an inch, better two inches of compost. That would work out to almost 1.5 cubic yards for two inches.


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Another way to look at it is that a 40 lb bag usually has about half a cubic foot. Times ten, that's 5 cu ft. 5 cu ft divided by 225 sq ft is .02 ft or about 1/4". Tombug's recommendation of 40 bags would come to about an inch - which is the universal rule of thumb for annual compost addition.

Amazing how that works out. :-]

10 bags is pretty minimal, but any amount is better than nothing.

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That depends on your current soil.
What is the nutrient level now?
What is that soils pH?
What is the nutrient level of the manure?
How much organic matter is in that soil now?

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Whatever you can get is always enough,
& it's never enough.

I'd add what I could find/afford/get hold of, & plant them melons!

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The area that I am mentioning has never been turned or fertilized it used to have grass with I remove to plant plumerias which have grown really nice

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