McCulloch MT270 strimmer will not run

motters7April 23, 2007


My McCulloch strimmer will not run. When primed it will start but stop after a few seconds. If you prime it again it will stop again after a few seconds. This would indicate a fuel supply problem. If anyone has some advice on the problem and how to fix it I would be most grateful,



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SOunds like you may be taking the choke off too soon. Let it run under full choke until it runs unevenly, then try restarting it at half choke.

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I have been using the strimmer without problem for a couple of years, this problem has suddenly appeared. It doesn`t matter if the choke is on or off, the strimmer starts, runs for about 3 seconds then stops.

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hi every one i have a mcCullock petrol strimmer and i put it down on the ground and when i came back my boy had pulled all the wires out from the on of switch all the way up to the small engine can any body tell me where they go i dont want to put them any where in case i do any damage to it

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Look at this post below, it should be very helpful. Post for more help if you do not find your problem within these basics. Good Luck!

Walbro Carb WT-685
Posted by: homegrown55 9 on Tue, Sep 28, 10 at 18:02
20 follow-ups, last one posted on Tue, Oct 1, 13 at 13:20


Please post a picture showing your wires.
Plus, you might get jumped for hijacking this post! Since it's not related IMO. Related I can understand even though itâÂÂs against rules, Practices, Etc..

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Do you have more than two wires with spade connections? Are the connectors the same exact sizes? IMO this switch is grounding out the fire and I feel the directions on connections do not matter. Even though I have not switched these wires, I doubt you will hurt a thing. Can someone verify my theory or condemn it? Plus, wires will usually point back to their connections if held close.

Excuse me for replying in Motters7âÂÂs post.

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