Total trimmer (cordless weed/grass trimmer)

donaldspencer1904(z7 NJ)April 7, 2009

has any one here tried one of these? see link

it uses a metal blade, so, no messing with string feeders, etc, I saw an infomercial on it a few weeks ago.

any happy/unhappy users out there?

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I usually look at anything being sold thru an infomercial as being suspect! That guy who shills for Sham-wow and the cheese and onion chopper is suspect, too. Usually, the thing they show on Tv is the only good one they make! the ones they sell to customers are usually made of cheap materials, and don't do what they are supposed to do, or they break soon after you try to use them! But, since there are so many folks out there, in TV land, who still believe the moon is made of green cheese, that they have no problem sucking in the buyers!
There is advertised on TV, a garden tool, which runs on an electric drill, and will do away with garden tillers, plows, etc! Digs the dirt up right quickly! And, can be used on a cordless drill! Can be bought by brainless people, too! The sellers show it merrily digging up the dirt! only trouble with that picture--the dirt has already been dug and raked over, and sifted, and all the tool does is churn up the already tilled dirt!
My take on TV advertised, by infomercial, is this:
As P.T.Barnum said: There's another sucker born every minute!

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Maybe good for home owner for very light duty stuff!! I still would get individual pieces. They have 24V trimmers that should be more powerful.
I question the 60minutes run time, I even question 30minutes. Bottom line, I won't buy it. The normal cordless trimmers are plenty cheap, why play around with this.

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donaldspencer1904(z7 NJ)

I like the idea of the single piece metal cutter, I have one string trimmer now that is almost useless, the "tap and go" style simply doesn't work, I spend more time trying to restring the damn thing than I do using it as a trimmer.

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You have a good trimmer head? My TroyBilt/MTD/Craftsman/Ryobi head was a pain. MY Shindaiwa speed feed and the Honda tap advanced head work great.

Yes the cheap trimmer have bad heads, not the good ones. Good one I meant Echo, not necessary very expensive ones.

It is the hedge trimmer blades that really make a difference. All the cheap hedge trimmer blades look cheesy!! ONly the commercial ones are real blades that is sharp on three sides.

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I have a trimmer and have the bolt on the bottom
came loose and I cannot use it. Please let me
know how I can correct my problem. I wood
need the srew bolt and how to reassemble it

Thank you.

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