Echo string trimmer won't start

dottyinduncan(z8b coastal BC)April 16, 2014

I bought this one a couple of years ago on advice from this forum that Echo was a good brand. Last year, a handyman was using it to cut long grass and "it quit". I took it to the repairman as it was still under warrantee and after a few pulls it started. This spring, it won't go. Given that I am not mechanical and will have to pay for any repairs, is there any easy things I can try first?

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Read the manual. Especially the part covering stating the engine.

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Echo is a quality brand. If a perusal of the manual doesn't resolve your issue, you might take a look at the Mechanic In a Bottle thread on the Lawn Mower Forum.

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1. Did you leave untreated fuel in it during the off season?
2. Are you using fresh treated fuel now vs the old?
3. Prime it with fresh treated fuel/mix and it might fire and continue.
4. I fired a neighborâÂÂs mower today that w/n fire after removing the old fuel (with water visable).

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dottyinduncan(z8b coastal BC)

thanks guys. I'll get my handyman to try again.

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I followed up with the neighbor that I fired up the MTD mower for that had visible water in the fuel.

1. That new mower has to be the bottom of the MTD line that showed no quality.
2. The power was in CC vs HP (new to me). Oil dip stick was at the base and hard to get to.
3. I told her it needed oil but to find out what type and what the increments on the stick represent.
4. âÂÂYou mean it uses Oilâ which I thought she was confusing with mix, until she mentioned electric.
5. She has seen the last on my donated time even though they donated Red Oak and older mower.
6. I hate to say that I think some people take pride in not caring for their equipment vs others.
7. The Red Oak should re-stock the dent I put my restocked 4 cords when I thought winter was over.

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