stihl muffler screen tube

rcmoserApril 7, 2013

MY Blower started loosing throttle response and heistation trying to excellerate and eventually would not excellerate off idle ... This blower is less than two years old, has only had stihl two stroke oil used in regular gas no corn gas...

Acted just like dirty carb. problem. But, I knew it wasn't dirty by the clean tank and air filter. The tubular screen was carboned up and plugged . Anybody who owns stihl with this type of exhaust system probably needs to routinely (one year) inspect and clean exhaust screen..

I sure this has been posted dozens of times but the equipment don't have to be too old for this to happen... I probably flooded it alot starting it. So I will not push the primer buttom over two or three times from now on see if that helps reduce the carbon build up in the muffler.

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You could accidentally loose that screen and save yourself a lot of headaches.

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