Garden Sprayer Recommendation

cakhhzApril 25, 2011

I had a 1 gallon Black n Decker garden sprayer to spray weed killer on my walkway and driveway. It had a strap over the shoulder to carry. The wand no longer works and they don't sell it anymore. I'm looking for an cordless battery charged 2 gallon or less sprayer that is light but has a good strong spray. I would like to be able to regulate the length of the spray. It would be nice if I could pull it along as I sprayed. Any recommendations??

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Sorry, don't know anything about cordless battery powered. Just bought a two gallon Gilmore professional and it seems like a class unit. Particuarly like the pressure relief feature. You pump it up till it "pops" and you're ready to rock and roll. If you need to let the pressure off, just pull the relief and it's gone. Much more convenient that trying to unscrew the top after you've pumped it up.

Good Luck,


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Does your Gilmore sprayer leak all over your hand? I hate that, it happens with sprayers right out of the box.

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Google, Battery operated garden sprayers. Quite a selection.

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