Earthquake chipper/shredder

dtwredwingsApril 25, 2007

I have been trying to find info on the Earthquake brand chipper/shredders, but to no avail. There seems to be bias to the Mighty Mac brand here. I'm sure it works great but is it worth the $1700 for this unit (12PT10). The Ardisam Earthquake has a 10HP for about 800 less

So does anyone have one of these, used one of these or have any other info on them at all? Does the MightyMac SC763 work better than the Earthquake, even though it is 6.5HP? Why would I buy the SC763 which is about the same price as the Earthquake, when I can get the latter with a bigger more powerful engine. For what it's worth, I will be using this machine to grind leaves in the fall...and I have a lot of them, and to clear and maintain the edge of the property line where I have been storing bracches and blowing said leaves for years. In other words, I'll have a lot of work at first, and then just maintenance once everything is cleaned up. But definitely enough work to warrant the purchase. I'll spend the extra money if it is worth it. Any input wopuld help. Thanks.

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canguy(British Columbia)

We sell both the Earthquake and Bearcat. We brought the Earthquake in as a lower cost alternative but when customers look at them they usually go back to the other. Extra horsepower is all well and good but not much use if the machine won't stand up. For light occasional duty, go with Earthquake. For heavier use and long life, step up to the Mighty Mac, Bearcat, or something similar.

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"Extra horsepower is all well and good ..."

It also doesn't do any good if your chipper blades are dull.
IF the vast majority of your branches are under 2-2.5", 5 HP is sufficient- with sharp blades.
If you have a fireplace, burn the larger stuff.

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canguy(British Columbia)

Outdoor burning is banned here and wood burning appliances are not allowed in new homes. It is either chip or pay through the nose to haul brush to the re cycling centre.

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I think I'll wait and get one of the better MacKissic units, like the 12PT10. From what I read it is a far superior machine over the LSC510, although it is almost twice as much. I really like the hammermill shredder, and the SC763 seems like it may be a bit underpowered...

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