Homelite String Trimmer Died

bobinyelmApril 21, 2014

Homelite UT-32601 26cc String Trimmer suddenly won't start, or even act like it "wants to" start or fire, even.
Used only a few times, when it ran perfectly.
It has new proper mix fuel (same as our 20 year old Homelite trimmer still runs perfectly on).
Primes properly, will "wet" the plug w/ fuel if choke is used for too many pulls.
Pulled the plug w/ wire connected and rotated the engine and it makes a strong spark (even tried the working plug from our other trimmer w/ same results).
Removed carb and everything is good (diaphragm, float valve, etc).
Won't even "pop" on a shot of ether starting fluid through carb, or in cylinder (when plug is removed).
It acts like there is NO spark at all, yet it makes a great spark.
Trimmer is so new it still LOOKS new (no dirt or clippings near engine head), so it's not dirt.
VERY frustrating...

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Fire/Fuel/Compression is the needed formula to start.

You have not mentioned a compression test (with a gauge or not being able to hold it in with your finger)
1. If itâÂÂs below 100 psi, pull the muffler, ck for a smooth cyl and free ring.
2. Ck the spark arrest screen for carbon build-up that will restrict the exhaust need to exit.

Please share your results.

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Trimmer is so new it still LOOKS new " is it still under warranty? if so take it BAAACK..

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It's got great compression pulling the recoil started, but I didn't measure it. I will do so.

2) The exhaust is only a small opening in back of the muffler. It's barely black. No oil residue (like my older Homelite that runs great after 21 years).

I don't have the receipt, and the tag on the unit says Sep 2011 (must have been old stock when I bought it). And yes, the unit looks like it was used barely once. The power head looks "box-new).
I looked in Home Depot to see if they still carried that model, and they only have an electric Homelite trimmer. The only have Rypbi. Troy-Bilt and Echo gas trimmers.

I'd have considered buying a new one and returning my "old" new one (not "legal" I know, but tempting).

The clerk said they are phasing out ALL 2 cycle trimmers as they cause global warming, and because customers are concerned about pollution.

The ONLY one Homelite still makes is:

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