Help me pick a chainsaw

cuckoomaransApril 9, 2011

Hello. I'm looking for advice on which chainsaw to buy. I have my Dad's stihl 026 that I like, but I need to fix it. In the meantime I'd like to get another saw so I can always have one that works.

I get about 80 hrs. a year of work for folks, cutting down small/medium trees and brush. I cut a cord of firewood a year, and I do some trailwork, bog bridges and such. So I'm not a pro, but I probably use a saw more than the average homeowner. I'd like the power to take down a decent sized tree, but won't be doing that very often.

Any opinions on which saw would be good for me? Stihl or Husky preferred.

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C: Your are cutting in the same range as I . I have currently both Husky and Stihl that I use frequently . Also a few Old Pioneers's that I keep just for display and nostalgia cutting once a yr lol . The MS 260 and 361 are both excellent Pro grade that get brunt of my cutting .
I have my Son who helps and has Husky 346 XP (my former saw) and a just acquired Rancher 460 .
So to answer your question I favour a 18" bar for all around use . However on the 60 cc class saws I have utilized 20 " for larger tree usage . If I were to recommend a saw at a good price and $$$ was at a premium I would not hesitate at suggesting either echo 400 or a efco 152 great saws with world class construction. Otherwise a Husky 350 or as my Son did the Rancher 460 is an extremely good saw built on a very sturdy chassis . I believe he paid
paid $450.00 complete with a saw box and two files and a 6 pack of oil . The 50 cc class saws are in the $300.00 range . Locate a Dealer and checkout his business and get a feel for what you really need . A Pro Saw is nice but not an necessity . The most cutting being done today is with people like you using Consumer Grade Products , they get the job done .

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