Honda Mini-Tiller FG110

hosemanApril 11, 2011

I got my tiller out of the shed from winter storage. I pulled the rope on the recoil starter and it came out a few inches and then locked up. The rope recoiled back but would not move after that. I removed the 3 bolts and took the recoil starter off. I did not see any reason it might lock up. I spun the crank with a pair of pliers and the engine was not siezed up. I put the recoil started back on the engine and now it does not engage the crank. The rope just comes out and goes back in. Some how or for some reason the recoil starter is not engaging the crank. Since there is one bolt at the top of the recoil starter and two at the bottom, I don't see how I coud have gotten the starter back on in the wrong position. Honda Powder Equipment was no help when I called. They do not have a parts manual to down load or to order, they have a 3rd. party that sells shop manuals. I found this amazing as even MTD will assist you and offer manuals. Honda assisted by giving me the name of a dealer.

Any suggestions on what I might do to get the recoil starter to engage the crank and start the engine. I am thinking that the engine's parts were tight as it had been sitting for a long time as I don't believe I used it last summer. This may have caused the recoil started locking up when I first tried to start it, I was afraid to pull the rope any harder as I did not want to break it. But, after turning the engine crank with the pliers, it truned ok after the initial turn. But, now the problem is the recoil starter. I first thought maybe I had bend one of the flanges on the crank and the recoil piece would not catch it, but after careful examination, they all appear OK.

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I don't know about the second part but when the recoil starter gets seized, I take out the spark plug which frees things up and lubricates things with additional rotation.

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Thanks, eriocaulon. I'll keep that in mind. Unfortunately, this problem was created by me. I failed to take care of the machine. I figured out that the recoil starter's spring had slipped out of the plastic housing that drops down and grabs the starter cup or crank, whatever one wants to call it. This spring allows the plastic thing to be pulled down and to engage the crank/cup when the rope is pulled, and the opposite when the rope recoils.

As far as the engine seize, I failed to service the transmission. It is clearly stated in the manual that it needs filling every 25 hours or at the beginning of each season. I pumped a lot of grease into the transmission. It was stuck and that's why the recoil starter would not turn the crank.

A lesson learned.

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