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laduefiveApril 30, 2014

I am a new homeowner and the previous owner loved to garden. I am so afraid to kill what is there especially since I do not know what quite a few of them are. Could anyone help identify some of these flowers, ground-covers, and bushes.
I made the album public as it seemed the easiest way to post as many pictures.

Here is a link that might be useful: Let's play name that perennial

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brit5467(7b/8a Coastal VA)

It seems your link isn't working (at least not for me....)


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The link doesn't open a photo sharing site or pictures for me either.


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For the many many people who don't use facebook:

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Thank you. What is the best way in the future to post pictures from somewhere like photobuxket and just add the images here?

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brit5467(7b/8a Coastal VA)

I sent you an email explaining how to post pics from Photobucket.

As far as the plants, I will leave the ID'ing up to the I do know the 2nd one from top on left looks like an iris.

But this is what I'd do. Since the previous owner was a gardener, I'd just leave everything this year and see what it comes of it. Then you can decide if you like it or not. And you will be able to take pics of the blooms to better ID them.

Most all of it looks like nice plants to me. Looks like you inheirited some nice stuff.


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brit5467(7b/8a Coastal VA)

duplicate post

This post was edited by brit5467 on Wed, Apr 30, 14 at 23:13

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Using the photos posted above:
- Top 2 are lemon balm, a mint relative (since on FB the lemon scent is mentioned)
- The first in the second row is an iris, but I'd need a better photo to ID the second in row 2
- Row 3 I don't know, though the vines in the second photo might go with the wisteria photo in row 7
- Row 4 is an Allium which is a bulb that will mostly likely die back this summer, but will return in the spring again
- Row 5, #1 is probably a bee balm, and #2 is a clematis that has gone to seed.
- Row 6 #1 is a deciduous azalea, and #2 I don't know
- row 7, #1 is wisteria and #2 is a rhododendron getting ready to bloom

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Fourth down on left is probably a daylilly.

Bottom right is probably a rhododendron.

Third up from bottom right is a clematis.

Bottom left *could possibly* be some member of the pea family.

Top right *could possibly* be some type of mint, but many immature plants look like mints. If it has square stems and the leaves are aromatic when crushed, it is a member of the mint family, possibly bee balm.

Second from bottom left looks a bit like forsythia, but not any forsythia I have ever seen. Is it a sharply pruned shrub?

Second down from right *might* be an aster. The vine below it could be almost anything; pretty hard to tell without a good view of a few leaves. Seems a rather dark area for grapes.

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The vine is the wisteria vine somehow the pictures got out if order. Thank you so much for the id's. I never thought having a yard would be so exciting but I have really enjoyed watching new things come up, we had several varieties of daffodils, hellebore and hyacinth bloom before this last batch of photos. I can't wait to see what blooms between now and summers end. We moved in in October once everything was done.

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

I agree with all nhbabs's ids except the 'Allium' might be Ornothogalum saundersiae.

If you could repost an in focus picture of the one beside the Azalea it would be helpful but it looks like Exochorda macrantha.

For future reference it would be really useful to number your pictures. And don't assume everyone uses Facebook. You can paste the html code into your post to show pictures.

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brit5467(7b/8a Coastal VA) posting pics....I sent her the way I was taught few years back, using the direct link code and adding in an "img src" code. But if there's an easier way, please share :)


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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Hi Bonnie. I don't know about 'img src' code. I only know you can copy the html code which is beside the pic on Photobucket and paste direct into your post. Or if it's only one picture use the tab called 'choose file' on Post a Follow -Up.

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