stihl fs-38 grass trimmer (strimmer) in remote area

soddedayimovedhereApril 14, 2010

I live in a very remote area in the mountains and have a STIHL FS-38 Grass trimmer (strimmer). The end bearing, once removed from the shaft is a steel cylinder in which the drive shaft rotates. The flexible drive is located in a square socket on the shaft. The shaft is held in place from dropping out of the end of the bering cylinder by a ............ (is it a circlip). It has burned out and I don't know what to replace it with.

Does anyone have any idea where I can get this part or the part number?

Also what grease should I use to re-lubricate the bearing and the flexible drive on re-assembly?

I willpost a photo here if necessary but the retaining clip or whatever fits in a groove in the flexible drive end of the rotor shaft.

Many thanks.....

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Did you try using GOOGLE??????????????????????????????????

All manuals for Stihl products are online with part numbers and ordering info

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I spent a long time on Google and I could not find a technical manual.......only the user manual which I already have as it comes with the machine!! I have followed your link and confirmed that they DO NOT publish the parts list and technical manual online!!!!!!!!

So I am back to square one. If you have a link to the technical manual for the FS-38 and/or other STIHL products then please post it here???????????

This is from the FAQ on the website your link directed me to which confirms the above:

How can I get a parts list or service manual?
STIHL parts lists and service manuals are only available to our STIHL-trained technicians and Dealers. Should you have specific technical questions, contact your local STIHL Dealer or STIHL Customer Service at 1-800-GO-STIHL.

Remember I am very remote and cannot get to a dealer!!!!

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reed_nj(Central NJ 6A)

According to the parts list I have for an FS-45 trimmer, the metal clip isn't listed as a separate part. The entire bearing housing is listed as part #4140 640 1400.

It's a single unit that simply press-fits into the shaft tube.

However, the parts lists also states that this item is "not for USA." Which means, according to my Stihl dealer, you have to order the entire tube assembly which is part #4140 710 1700.

I just don't know if these part numbers are valid for your model. Perhaps call up a dealer and ask them. Good luck.

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Thank you so much for your useful reply. It would seem a waste of money and shipping to have to buy the whole bearing assembly! Do you know if the metal clip is just a spring steel circlip or is it a special phosphor bronze part?

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