Got a pack of Stabil with a new mower

exmarApril 27, 2014

Hi Folks,

Guess the small engine industry is being more pro active about ethanol in gas. Bought a little 20" Bolens push mower at Lowe's yesterday for trimming and it included a package of StaBil with instructions to mix with the first gas and continue to use for the life of the mower.

Not much to say about the mower, 20", little Briggs OHV, started third pull, powered through all the grass around the house and trees, flower beds, etc. For $150 seems like a reasonable deal.

Now I gotta go get on the GT and mow the remaining four acres.....:-)


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Some mowers still pack the red Sta-Bil with their products.

Sta-Bil Ethanol Treatment is blue and does the same thing with the added protection against ethanol laced fuels.

Another product call Ethanol Shield does not contain stabilizers and is a good product to break down water in fuel systems. I use it more than Sta-Bil during the Summer in everything from mowers, 4-wheelers to the Side X Side.

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Thanks Hippy! â Sta-Bil Ethanol Treatment is blue and does the same thing with the added protection against ethanol laced fuelsâÂÂ. I saw this for the 1st time last week and was a little confused. I felt the Red has served me well since the ethanol started. I treated all of my small engineâÂÂs fuel and I stopped running carbs Bone Dry (at the end of seasons w/o any problems the next season).

I thought the battle was water in the fuel. Plus, I only use Chevron or Mobile where I thought the fuels have Techron additives to help keep the fuel system clean. Are we getting a repeat on additives if we use the Blue and Techron?

Thanks for any additional info.

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EPA mandates that all automotive gasoline have some amount of injector cleaners added anyway.
Clogged injectors = "pollution".
Is Chevron better? Maybe, but the cheapest stuff is good enough if kept reasonably "fresh".

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OK, didn't mean to misrepresent. What was packed with the mower was Stabil for ethanol fuels, not the reddish one we're familiar with. It was a gold color.

I seem to remember emailing stabil a while back asking if all gas was treated with StaBil (Red one) was also being treated for ethanol fuels. The response was that it was. The other StaBil products for ethanol fuels did the same thing, but was not for storage.

As all my gas cans get StaBil added before being filled, I simply added the ounce of gold product to my large StaBil container.


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I live in area way I can still get GOOD gas No ethanol blends. So I tend to think StaBil like frosting on Cake, Yup It nice but adds nothing but cost of the cake. I agree bill if you run your equipment throughout the summer you probably will never have problem till you let the equipment set (like through winter or rotter tillers that get 2 hours use year). There are lots of additive manufactures on the market IMO better than stiBil Gumout, seafoam, and other I have use as far as I can tell Never Broke down when in storage.? IMO seafoam probably the best nothing sets around longer than boat motors.

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