'96 Murray self propelled mower

exmarApril 14, 2013

Hi folks,

My brother just gave me the subject "thing." Someone gave it to him and he didn't need or want it. Never had a self propelled and if I can get it working it'll be another "wonderful thing" with all the rest in the barn. Looks like it was stored outside and used very little. Almost pushed it to the scrap heap. But decided to see if it was frozen, nope. Looked closer and ignoring the rust it's all there and seems to be functional. For grins and giggles put a little starting fluid in the carb (yeah, yeah, yeah) and it started and immediately died. primer bulb is very stiff. OK, I have a working ignition system. We'll see what the carb looks like.... :-(

Having never owned a self propelled, my question has to do with the drive assemblies on the rear wheels. When it's pushed, sounds like a rolling tin can with nails in it. Are these repairable or just replace? Also, are they normally noisy?

Murray, Model no. 22755X92B, Mft. Date 96031, Serial 9277001633H00093.

Briggs M 98982, T 0733 01, C 96011154

Thanks for your time,


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Can you see enough of the mower attached to know if they are related? It is too deep in front of other mowers to pull it. Except I do need to pull it and use it with fresh treated fuel since last season. In my records I filed this number MTD Model #12A-378L788 (TMO-3747409) (1997) along with the Pics.

I had to adjust the self propel cable to put more tension on the Mechanism. I remember noises that you described but I d/n see an issue. That model of self propel is new to me as about 4 others that I have donated. Self propel feels to be more work on our small yard due to too much maneuvering vs large rear wheels. The real issue was, it would starve for gas after about 15 minutes until the carbâÂÂs âÂÂswollenâ needle seat was replaced

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Hello exmar and Others,

I pulled my mower (gift) that I feel is similar to your mower (gift) and it fires-up 1st pull after sitting a year. I owe it to the mower to use it every 2nd-3rd cutting if I want it to be a dependable back-up.

My question: Is your self propelled speed variable or one speed? I feel mine is one and âÂÂslower than my walking speedâÂÂ. The engagement handle appears to only add tension to a belt to make it active vs seeing any mechanism that would make it variable. I could have missed seeing where I could change the belt to another step for more speed.

I could see advantage of the one speed in heavy grass and mulching (which I am not. I lowered the engineâÂÂs rpm due to not needing the high mulching speed.

Thanks For Any Info!

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Mine has one speed, I'm 6' and this thing hustles me right along. Speed is actually too fast for even marginally heavy grass, gotta keep. stopping the drive or the engine will die. I guess you could take half swaths or something? Admittedly my usual rider has a 26 HP and I could probably bushhog with it, so I'm spoiled.

Maybe you could order a different gear(s) from Murray to increase speed. I know I wouldn't want this to go any faster so it sounds like different gears are available.

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Thanks exmar! From your good report/reminder, I feel I need to use the mower as is a few times. Now that you have mentioned it, it did not seem this slow over a year ago. Even though the excess power was too much then and I adjusted it down. I actually removed the bad Acc cable, slightly stretched the governorâÂÂs spring, giving it good control at the carbâÂÂs linkage.

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The Mower did a good job on the two weeks growth of grass. The self propelled speed is still in question.

1. The grass was damp (beating the heat) and I noticed the wheel spinning at times vs good long runs.

2. I found myself pushing the mower faster but really did not need too much of that with the added weight.

3.3. My question is: does the rpm affect the self propelled speed (I feel it has to)? I c/n tell running at a higher than planned rpm (due to cutting off approx 4â of grass at least, Slow But Good!).

4. I took a pic of the self propelled gearbox and Etc but the angle and filth is not allowing much to be seen. IâÂÂll have to go back to clean and use good light to check the belt.

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