Maintenance for Echo String Trimmer & Stihl Blower

ncage(z5 IL)April 20, 2013

I just bought a echo SRM-225 String Trimmer & a Stihl BG 55 blower last year. I have a relatively small yard. I think maybe for my use the maintenance in the manual is way to often. I think maybe every 2-3 years should be just about right. Am i incorrect? Definitely will check every year to make sure the air filter is doing ok though. For example echo recommends tearing apart the muffler to check the spark arrestor seems very excessive. Also i would think the spark plug / fuel filter would hold up to 2-3 years of general use. Does everyone concur?

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I hardly ever change spark plugs. as for the carbon build up in the mufflers. Yes you need to check it as recommended. I thought that was BS, but my BG55 blower almost two years old had the exhaust tube screen plug up and not rev up. I consider myself the routine/servicing nerd always going overboard and it still plugged up in less than two years. had to take torch and burn the carbon away... Somebody recommended I some how loose that screen tube. Not while it under warranty.

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Being Honest! My 225 has not been Truly serviced since purchased in Approx 2000. I should talk approx hrs which would avg 3 per season (36 hrs in 12 yrs). I use a hard bladeâÂÂs 95% of the time (every 3rd cut if possible). LOL! I know I have checked the grease in the head.

Most needs will give indicators (if you pay close attention) but I recommend and try to live by schedules.

1. Bad Spark arrest w/n allow a good exhaust output and reduce power.
2. A bad plug will affect starting, fuel use and power. I expect my mower to start 1st pull and 2-3 on the trimmer.
3. A bad fuel filter will starve fuel and power. A bad air filter will cost you more gas as a bad plug.
4. I do check my oil and gas before every cut with my mower even though I expect and get two cuts. Otherwise Red light Comes On!

A friend called when his Zero Turn Nixon locked up. Naturally, I ask what is the oil level showing when I saw it was locked solid. The sad reply was,âÂÂitâÂÂs not showingâÂÂ. When did you check it last, âÂÂI stopped because it never showed low in over a yearâÂÂ. He got lucky, as the Nixon mechanic told him to put thin oil directly in the cyl and force it to turn. That was the middle of a 100 deg day and he was idling to his trailer which I feel influenced more heat and maybe saved his mower. To lock, I feel some damage occurred somewhere but itâÂÂs on a 2nd season with no indications. How can you not check your oil Every Fill-Up???

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