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exmarApril 15, 2012

Hi folks,

My wife started making noise about we don't have any wind chimes on the porch anymore. Hmmm, over the years we've bought some large, expensive, great sounding ones, however the string broke and they were stored.

OK, time to get some string and get to it. ****STICKER SHOCK***** According to the internet, you need 1.8mm string, OK, off to Amazon. All they have is 100 feet for $19.95 + ridiculous S&H as the vendor is offsite. Doing a further search on the internet, that's a good price? A lot of places want to sell you only enough for one chime for $30+.

Hmmm, did a search for just 1.88 mm Dacron line. Got some fishery places in canada which seem very reasonable. Take a while to get through customs though. Will "net" material hold up to a wind chime?

Thinking I might just get some mono fishing line, 20-30 lb. test. If I have to replace occasionally, that would be OK. Not sure about the UV, however they are on the porch, under the roof.

Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated.



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I've used both mono and braided fishing line with about the same results. I use cheap 50 lb test line from Wal-Mart. The chimes are on the porch and not exposed to the weather. But, over time the line will deteriate. The last i did was three years ago and they are still holding up.

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Steven Laurin & Company

If you've never done any big water fishing, perhaps you don't know of steel wire leaders. You will find them at your local fishing supply store, or even at Walmart. You can get a pack of (3) 30-40 lb test 18" stainless steel wire leaders, with clips attached, for less than $3.00.

Here is a link that might be useful: 18

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Check with your neighbors, to see if they
want your wind chimes repaired.
(maybe the original strings didn't just
break by themselves).

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Thanks Nod, about what I've decided to do. Much as I hate to go to "wally world." 'guess I gotta.

Don't think stainless steel leaders will provide the sound, also a large wind chime probably has 100 feet of string/twine. I own a farm, can see neighbors in the distance, but can't hear them, and vice-versa. Anyone who wanted to cut string would discuss that with the dogs...:-)

I thought we were past April 1?

Nod, thanks again,


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Randy31513(Georgia 8b)

I used nonalignment too. Also excellent to keep birds out of places. They think the bird can't figure out what it is or can't quite see it.

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