Wagner 6110 Extendable Electric Limb Trimmer Manual

mike5335April 17, 2009

I have a working Wagner 6110 Limb Trimmer but about a week ago it developed a short. Means I need to open it up to see if its the cord and replace it with another cord that will work for it or if it is a loose conection. Acts like its a loose conection. They no longer make this model and supply nothing for it. I need to know how to get it open as I have removed all screws in main body and handle. I also havn't seen any clips that would be holding it together from the inside. This is why knowledge of or a manual to this trimmer would enable me to get it open and maybe fix it. Also if anyone has replacement blades I would be interested but think I could get some sort of reciprocating saw blade and adapt it. Thank you for any help that you may be able to give to me.

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There is a screw under the Wagner 6110 Logo panel. Remove the label and you will find the screw. By the way, I need a part myself for a 6110; the plastic drive head on top of the motor is shot.

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i'm in need of a blade....live in cedar rapids, iowa....does anyone have any ideas.....posted 6-28-11

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I have a Wen Lumber jack & need a Motor. I live in Houston Tx. Is there a place to get a motor. I have a manual, but there are no parts listed. Thanks Charles 03-01-2013

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