Passiflora caerulea on a bush like a clematis?

sara82lee(8a - SE Va)April 21, 2014

I got a blue passion flower last year and kept it in a deep hanging basket. It did well all summer until winter came... and it didn't come back. I think this is partially due to the fact that it was in a basket, and partially because I didn't water it all winter and it was under the roof of my porch :(

I'd like to not kill another one. Therefore I don't want to try the basket again! However, I don't really have a place to train it on a trellis. Can I have it grow on a bush, like a clematis can? I'm thinking of a hawthorn bush. . .

Thanks for your help, as always!

Oh, and if it has invasive-potential I'd definitely consider putting it in a pot and burying the pot next to the bush.

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

In a conducive climate and growing in the ground P caerulea can grow enormous - up to 30 feet. It also pops up around the original plant, sometimes some distance away. So it would be sensible to find out locally if it will go romping away as it does here. Although evergreen it does get scruffy so cutting it back hard is a good way of keeping it neater. I'm not sure it would succeed in a buried pot. I think it would either wither through lack of nourishment or it would escape in search of it.

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Passiflora incarnata enjoys growing on fences I suspect the same would be true of caerulea.

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