Need Tiller Advice Please

brittneyt2(6b)April 24, 2013

I'm planning to till up a large section of my yard to start a new garden. 2,000+ square feet. Plan is to till 8'x4' beds. The area is currently just grass. I've been looking around, and tillers aren't cheap. I thought about renting one, but I may need to use it over several days, at which point the rental fees would add up significantly. Also planning to only till up about a third of it now to start a small garden now, and then work on the rest in the summer to finish it out. My research so far leads me to believe that I need a rear-tine tiller.

I'd appreciate any advise you all can give me as far as if rear-tine is the way to go, what brands/models are best, or if there are any I should absolutely stay away from. Thank you!!

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It may make more sense to hire the initial tilling out to someone with a tractor and large tiller.
After that, maintenance tilling won't require a heavy duty machine.

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Big garden, 4x8=32sqft. That's 62beds in the 2000sqft. "Beds" usually refers to raised beds with wood or masonry sides. Rear tine tiller would be very awkward in that small space. I'd think something like a mantis-after it's been initially tilled and sod broken up and the soil is ready to plant. Previous suggestion of having it done with a tractor seems very viable.

Is this a community garden project? 62 raised beds is a huge undertaking.

Good luck,


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I suspect OP simply meant that he would start with a smaller area to plant, and expand as time permits. Before I began reading responses, I was going to say the same thing as Bill. That is what I did although it was extra easy because I already had the builder's equipment near by, available for hire.

However, I have solid red clay that seems to need reworking each year and I have a Horse tiller. My garden is only a third the size of Brittney. However, if raised beds Are the plan, then the initial tractor etc is even more reasonable, and only a shovel and spade needed afterwards. Another point is that if 'grass' meant lawn, then rototillers often have trouble getting through the heavy roots and solid surface.

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I am late to the show, but I will show how I build and extend my gardens. I cant come up with enough organic matter at one time to build a large area (without buying it).

I added about 100 sq. ft. to my garden this year and took pictures for a forum member.

I also did a small review of my three tillers that is posted on garden web.


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